Stadium: Stadio Angelo Massimino
That's it. Together with you the progress of this exciting (as possible), followed a meeting Artem Baranov. Good-bye and good luck!
Second Half
Deserted platform, the announcer made the announcement that the match is interrupted and will finish the later.
Workers Stadium fold banner ads, viewers disagree, and we show the players and the referee, frolicking with a ball of puddles.
And we're waiting, what it will end. Decides whether to end the match referee or meeting now be abandoned during play later on?
Talvento tired of such a development of the game. He took the ball, he led the team off the field.
The ball can not leave the penalty area guests, surrounded by puddles. And while Barentos still trying to play the heel. What can you do with these South Americans?
A fun break in the match. There has been a controversial episode, you need to throw the ball so it bounced, and he rebounds. Well, anywhere! Talyavento scoured 20 square meters in search of a place where he could jump back on the field, but in the end just replaced the ball and called a free kick in favor of "Roma".
Burgess in the penalty got the ball after a pass from the left side, put the bomb under him and with his left foot hit the corner of the goal, but Stekelenburg has fixed the ball as if the rain and there was not - so clearly acted goalkeeper guests.
Positional attack ended hosts Pablo Barentose. Argentine surrounded rivals threw the ball to hang in the penalty area, but not in time, getting his nose with his elbow on Pyanicha.
Another change of conducting Luis Enrique. Fabio Borini out instead of Francesco Totti.
The ball goes in the middle of the field from the players of one team to another. While adapted to the field a little.
Bojan has a soft curtain transfer from Totti, has moved from center to left wing and shot with his left foot into the far bottom corner. You will understand what ended the episode by reading the word "bottom". The ball got stuck before the penalty.
The first substitution of the match in the "Roma". Fernando Gago was released instead of Daniele De Rossi.
Burgess on the left side broke away from the defender and shot along the gate, but did not have time to Barentos this transfer, skipped on the lawn and scoring a goal himself.
No, what sort of transfer of the bottom? Just riding in such conditions may provide the partner ball.
Totti took a run and from all Italian soul struck exactly at the wall, the ball was immediately taken to the gate Stekelenburga where defender Juan imprudent otpasoval partner, forgetting about the weather. Weather it immediately reminded myself by stopping the ball, which had a player owners, gave a blow Alvarez and Pablo with his left foot hit under the crossbar, and got higher.
Yellow card
Yellow along the way got Almiron because impatiently jumped out of the wall even before the impact.
Barentos knocked Pyanicha near his own penalty. The ball is shifted to the left flank, 20 meters from the gate.
Ball gets stuck at the bottom of the programs. Guests are thus lost the ball and they brought his attack on level ground. Taddei otborolsya and earned brought the danger of attack "Catania" in autu.
A solid wall of rain breaks the field as hard as we can already see puddles on the lawn, "Angelo Massimino."
Second half has began
Finally, a second time. The delay was unavoidable because of the shift since the beginning of the match. Guests divorced from the field in the second half of the meeting.
Second Half
First Half
Statistics of the first half is waiting for everyone to see in the corresponding tab.
Half time
Nothing happened at that moment, and Paolo Talyavento sent teams to dry podtribunnogo premises. "Catania" looks much better, but the score captures equality. The second half will be very interesting. We meet in 15 minutes.
Additional time
One minute of added time to the first half.
And again the moment! Burgess selling all the same long-suffering right flank "Roma" and fired a shot on goal, but little did not hit the top corner Stekelenburga.
"Roma" is pressed to his goal. The home team is now completely suppressed the "wolves." They do not let his opponent with his half of the field.
And one more thing! Bergissio received the ball on the penalty, broke away from the defender and shot on goal, but at the last moment had the same Simon Kjaer substitute foot forward and ball in the corner.
Oh! Now had to score the hosts! Barentosa brought the classroom to the transfer gate, Pablo not greedy and gave a pass along the gate at the incident Gomez, Gonzalo but very nearly had the ball. Would be able to - through the course was 2-1.
The rain did not think to subside. As a second-half did not have the players to get mobile phones to remove pieces of sod at the camera and send to the Italian Football Federation.
The match looks, the game is virtually no middle of the field is very dynamic. Just imagine that there would be no rain.
Do not feed the captain has turned "dzhallorossi," and in the next episode Bojan Bojan shot down in the penalty area, but the judge considered that, even before contact with the defender, Spanish, Serbian played up his hand.
Yellow card
Potenza shlopotat "yellow card", taking on hip Taddei about his penalty. Tidbit for Totti.
Gomez fired again from 20 yards, but the blow fell on the defender and bounced into the center, then went on Barentosa feed into the penalty area, one ball is not touched, and the shell bounced to Burgess, who was already in the "offside".
Vincenzo Montella and his players getting wet in the rain, refusing to wear a hood. And, meanwhile, is at the gate of the corner of his team will give Totti.
Yellow card
And De Rossi received a warning for excessive joy at the celebration of goal scored.
Lodi got the ball to the right of Barentosa 25 meters from the gate, addressed it to the left edge of Gomez, Alejandro moved to the center and shot on goal, but was much higher than the ball.
Fans of the hosts managed to blow up firecrackers and fireworks to light after a goal scored. Now turn the ultras from Rome to show what gifts they brought with them.
Statistics of personal meetings continued - teams exchanged goals coming to an end half the game.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Daniele De Rossi compares the expense! Francesco Totti performed jewelry accurate feeding just came running down De Rossi! 1.1!
Corner will be performed by the guests. At the ball, well, who does not like it, Francesco Totti.
And can double their advantage, "rossadzurri"! But Gomez did not have time to curtain transfer from Burgess now! The home team is now really look better!
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Nicola Legrottaglie opened the scoring, and I must say, it is logical! Feed free-kick from the right flank from Francesco Lodi and Nicola to rebound from the goalie misses a field with line keeper! 1-0!
Moment at home! Gomez from the left flank into the penalty shot, the ball hitting the foot defender, rebounded to Burgess. Gonzalo waited for a break and shot past the goalkeeper, but Kjaer made with ribbons round the gate!
Kompanolo almost made a mistake in the transfer of 10 feet to his defender, pass the ball slightly to the side slats and Bojan leapt to the gate, "Catania".
Yellow card
Everything is normal. Spall his card for a foul minutes earlier still got it.
Highly meet the hosts of his opponent. Pressure before the center circle. Let's see how strong enough for such a viscous because of rain field.
Rosie got hit in the leg by Spall and can not continue to meet. In good, it's "yellow card", but the referee did not punish the offender.
By the way, the arbitrator. Paolo Talyavento this season, spent 8 matches, shows an average of slightly less than 5 yellow cards per game, but has appointed as many as six strokes with a 11-meter mark.
Aleandro Rosi on the right flank came into the penalty area, looking for time to substitute a defender. Its made - fell, but Talyavento eyebrow and did not lead. There will be a lot of falls today.
Alvarez at the right edge attack guests fouls Strips, after covering the reception of the arsenal of judo. Then, of course, spread his arms in hand, wondering looking at the referee.
Another attack, "Catania" ended exactly at the hands of a canopy Dutch goalkeeper "wolves." Generally, the owners look preferable for now.
Totti made a mistake in the transfer, immediately followed by a swift counter-attack, gave Barentos pass the course Burgess. Stekelenburg ran out of the gate, reducing the angle of attack, the attacker tried to leave the hosts to the side, but slipped.
Burgess received the ball on the left, Rosie and shook with his right foot gave the exact center of the penalty by Pablo Barentosa, but the blow of the latter did not receive clear - above the gate passed ball.
History of the meetings for those who like statistics. "Catania" in-person games, has scored only in the 2006/2007 season, but then lost the last time "dzhalorossi" 0:2. In other matches, the hosts certainly were killed. In general, the statistics team gladly hit the gate of each other. To this I really hope today.
"Roma" possession of the ball, but Totti made a mistake in the transmission, and the recipient, it was Slats, you still would not accept the ball, since slipped.
We have delayed the beginning of the match. Marriage in the programs are too strong awnings, inaccurate handling the ball. All this is perfectly logical explanation - in Catania there is torrential rain. On the field, I must say this has no effect.
The first corner at the gate of the guests - Rodrigo Taddei broke prostrelnuyu transfer Gomez from the right flank.
Yellow card
Why pull? Yellow card already in the 6th minute. Fabio Simplicio ran this at the feet of Pablo Barentosu in the central circle, and stopped the swift passage of Argentine.
Izko vblizi shtrafnoy "Volkov" defender of the population. Fol napadenii.
Large forces attacking "Roma", Pyanich gently sketched in the penalty area, but none of the partners did not have time for this transfer.
The hosts speak in a familiar form: blue shirts with longitudinal brown stripes and blue shorts, guests in all-white form.
And here is the first "offside." That they ended the first attack, "Catania". Gonzalo Burgess distinguished himself.
Another attack "dzhalorossi" - Totti from the right edge of the ball rolled under attack slats. The Argentine beat for accuracy, but the keeper, "Catania" alert.
Immediately dangerous moment at the gate Kompanolo. Followed threw into the box on the slats, but Eric against a defender and decided not sdyuzhil fall. The arbitrator did not appreciate this episode as the cause of the destination 11-meter strike.
The game started! The first few seconds with the ball home team.
First Half
The team captains, Mariano Itsko at "Catania" and, of course, Francesco Totti in "Roma" in the company's chief referee Paolo Talyavento in the middle of the field play in the "toss". The other players already in the line of the central circle, ready for the ceremony, a moment of silence.
The teams settled down comfortably in the About tab to match.
Hi all, amateurs and professionals Football! Very soon start in Catania match in which the owners will take command of the "eternal city". Together with you the progress of the game will follow Artem Baranov.

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