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Results of the championship Morocco online. Botola Morocco.

All who love soccer Morocco, knows what is Botola. This is the national championship Morocco Cup, which started back in 1956. Due to the fact that in the summer is very hot weather, because of which it is difficult to hold competitions, the championship is held here during the period from autumn to spring, when the weather is more favorable for tournaments.

Even before becoming an official member of FIFA, the country has often been held Championships, the first of which took place in 1916. Previously, the championship was called "Moroccan Super League", but after the season, which took place in 2008-2009, it was renamed Botolo.

Team Morocco has a fairly good ratings among African countries, the result of which is among the most successful African teams over the history of football here. Confirmation of this can be the results of the matches are listed in the standings.

Now fans have the opportunity to watch the game not only in stadiums, but at home, thanks to the online broadcast, which you can watch on our site. We also provide online results, thanks to which you can always be aware of events that occur on the football field at the moment.
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