Formula 1 is an international world championship in which racing drivers from different countries compete with each other. All formula 1 teams field two drivers, who are trying their best to get a prize for their club.

Our website provides information about all the teams that participate in the competition every year. Here you can find out not only how many teams are in formula 1, but also find out more detailed information by reading the history of formula 1 teams.

Knowledge of the history of clubs and its participants allows you to make your own forecasts during the game, based on the results of previous games of one or another participant of the race.

All detailed information about teams can be found on our website:

- Team name and logo.
- The country that the participants represent.
- The year the team was founded.
- Vehicle data.
- Formula 1 team structure.
- List of all achievements and awards.
- Command history.

In addition, you can leave a comment under any publication on the site, which makes it possible to discuss teams with other racing fans and their participants.
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