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Results of the championship Norway online. Norway Tippeliga.

The championship Norway Cup, which is called the Tippeliga, was founded by the Norwegian football Association. During its existence, the championship is done four times to change its name. So, first it was the Norwegian League (during the period from 1937 until 1948). After that, until 1962, the championship was called Major League, 1963-1990 - First division and since 1991 has gained its present name.

Since 1995 in the championship competed fourteen teams. The game is played on a "spring-autumn". The competition rules, the two teams that ended up in the bottom of the standings, moving to the first division. Those who took twelfth place has the right to remain in Tippeliga, playing two games with the third team of the first division. So, online the results of this competition show, managed the team to hold their positions, or it is sent to the bench.

With season, which began in 2009, there have been some adjustments, bringing the number of participants increased to sixteen. As a result, in 2008, Tippeliga left only one club.

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