Tour 30 Hoffenheim II 2:0 Mainz 05 II Tour 30 Stuttgart II 2:4 Astoria Walldorf Tour 30 Waldhof Mannheim 2:0 Eintracht Stadtallendorf Tour 30 Ulm Freiburg II Tour 30 Saarbrucken Koblenz Tour 30 TSV Schott Mainz Frankfurt Tour 30 Steinbach Stuttgart Kickers Tour 30 Hessen Kassel SV Roechling Tour 30 Kickers Offenbach Wormatia Worms Tour 31 Freiburg II Hessen Kassel Tour 31 Eintracht Stadtallendorf Saarbrucken Tour 31 Frankfurt Hoffenheim II Tour 31 Mainz 05 II Steinbach Tour 31 SV Roechling Elversberg Tour 31 Koblenz Stuttgart II Tour 31 Stuttgart Kickers Ulm Tour 31 Wormatia Worms TSV Schott Mainz Tour 31 Astoria Walldorf Kickers Offenbach Tour 32 TSV Schott Mainz Astoria Walldorf Tour 32 Ulm Mainz 05 II Tour 32 Elversberg Freiburg II Tour 32 Steinbach Frankfurt Tour 32 Hessen Kassel Stuttgart Kickers Tour 32 Saarbrucken Waldhof Mannheim Tour 32 Stuttgart II Eintracht Stadtallendorf Tour 32 Hoffenheim II Wormatia Worms Tour 32 Kickers Offenbach Koblenz Tour 33 Astoria Walldorf Hoffenheim II Tour 33 Stuttgart Kickers Elversberg Tour 33 Eintracht Stadtallendorf Kickers Offenbach Tour 33 Wormatia Worms Steinbach Tour 33 Freiburg II SV Roechling Tour 33 Frankfurt Ulm Tour 33 Mainz 05 II Hessen Kassel Tour 33 Koblenz TSV Schott Mainz Tour 33 Waldhof Mannheim Stuttgart II Tour 26 Eintracht Stadtallendorf Wormatia Worms Tour 27 Mainz 05 II Stuttgart II Tour 27 SV Roechling Hoffenheim II Tour 26 Steinbach Hessen Kassel Tour 34 Hessen Kassel Frankfurt Tour 34 SV Roechling Stuttgart Kickers Tour 34 TSV Schott Mainz Eintracht Stadtallendorf Tour 34 Ulm Wormatia Worms Tour 34 Steinbach Astoria Walldorf Tour 34 Elversberg Mainz 05 II Tour 34 Stuttgart II Saarbrucken Tour 34 Kickers Offenbach Waldhof Mannheim Tour 34 Hoffenheim II Koblenz Tour 22 Eintracht Stadtallendorf Freiburg II Tour 25 Ulm Steinbach Tour 35 Koblenz Steinbach Tour 35 Wormatia Worms Hessen Kassel Tour 35 Frankfurt Elversberg Tour 35 Mainz 05 II SV Roechling Tour 35 Waldhof Mannheim TSV Schott Mainz Tour 35 Stuttgart Kickers Freiburg II Tour 35 Eintracht Stadtallendorf Hoffenheim II Tour 35 Astoria Walldorf Ulm Tour 35 Saarbrucken Kickers Offenbach Tour 36 Hoffenheim II Waldhof Mannheim Tour 36 Hessen Kassel Astoria Walldorf Tour 36 Freiburg II Mainz 05 II Tour 36 TSV Schott Mainz Saarbrucken Tour 36 Ulm Koblenz Tour 36 SV Roechling Frankfurt Tour 36 Kickers Offenbach Stuttgart II Tour 36 Steinbach Eintracht Stadtallendorf Tour 36 Elversberg Wormatia Worms Tour 37 Stuttgart II TSV Schott Mainz Tour 37 Frankfurt Freiburg II Tour 37 Koblenz Hessen Kassel Tour 37 Saarbrucken Hoffenheim II Tour 37 Mainz 05 II Stuttgart Kickers Tour 37 Astoria Walldorf Elversberg Tour 37 Waldhof Mannheim Steinbach Tour 37 Wormatia Worms SV Roechling Tour 37 Eintracht Stadtallendorf Ulm Tour 38 TSV Schott Mainz Kickers Offenbach Tour 38 Ulm Waldhof Mannheim Tour 38 SV Roechling Astoria Walldorf Tour 38 Steinbach Saarbrucken Tour 38 Elversberg Koblenz Tour 38 Stuttgart Kickers Frankfurt Tour 38 Hoffenheim II Stuttgart II Tour 38 Hessen Kassel Eintracht Stadtallendorf Tour 38 Freiburg II Wormatia Worms

Football Germany, Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 - keep track of all the matches on one site, online.

German football Bundesliga is a professional football League, which consists of German football clubs. Today, the Bundesliga is one of the most popular and interesting football. The Bundesliga is the strongest in the system of football leagues in Germany. In the competition involved 18 clubs. Each team will play every two games: one at home and one away. The team with the most points at the end of the season became the champion of Germany. The two worst teams fly out to the Second Bundesliga, the 16th team plays a play-off match against the third team in Bundesliga 2 for the right to participate in the next season in the Bundesliga.

The championship of Germany on football 2015/16 will begin on August 14 match between Bayern Munich and Hamburg. The season 2015/16 will certainly be very interesting. Bayern Munich will play without one of its leaders in the face of Bastian Schweinsteiger, who moved to Manchester United, head coach of Dortmund Borussia Jurgen Klopp left the team, but fans of Bumble bees expect from the team a second wind and fight for the title. Issues opponents can take advantage of VfL Wolfsburg, who managed to take last season's second place. In 2015 Claudio Pizarro can enter the top five scorers of the Bundesliga.

On our website You have the opportunity to watch online all matches of the championship of Germany on football. The standings of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 are updated in real time so You can analyze the situation and make a prediction for the football game. With convenient calendar of games You will not miss the matches of your favorite team. Every fan has the opportunity to join fan clubs teams, as well as read text broadcasts of the Bundesliga matches and bet on the matches.

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