Quarterfinals April 25 SC 2:0 Abahani Limited Quarterfinals Altyn Asyr 2:2 Ha Noi TT Quarterfinals Abahani Limited 4:3 April 25 SC Quarterfinals Ha Noi TT 3:2 Altyn Asyr Round of 16 Ha Noi TT 1:0 Binh Duong Round of 16 Binh Duong 0:1 Ha Noi TT Group D Dordoi Bishkek 3:0 Khujand Group D Istiqlol 1:1 Altyn Asyr Group I HangYuen/Fujen 1:1 Wofoo Tai Po Group I Kitchee 1:0 April 25 SC Group E Manang Marshyangdi 2:3 Chennaiyin FC Group E Minerva Punjab 0:1 Abahani Limited Round Of 32 PSM 2:1 Binh Duong Round Of 32 Al Jazeera 4:0 Al-Jaish Round Of 32 Ha Noi TT 2:1 Ceres-Negros FC Round Of 32 Al Ahed 0:0 Al-Wehdat Group D Altyn Asyr 3:1 Dordoi Bishkek Group D Khujand 3:2 Istiqlol Group I Wofoo Tai Po 3:3 Kitchee Group E Abahani Limited 5:0 Manang Marshyangdi Round Of 32 Binh Duong 1:0 PSM Group E Minerva Punjab 1:1 Chennaiyin FC Group I April 25 SC 5:0 HangYuen/Fujen Round Of 32 Al-Jaish 3:0 Al Jazeera Round Of 32 Ceres-Negros FC 1:1 Ha Noi TT Round Of 32 Al-Wehdat 0:1 Al Ahed Group D Dordoi Bishkek 2:1 Istiqlol Group G Persija 6:1 Shan United Group D Altyn Asyr 1:0 Khujand Group E Abahani Limited 3:2 Chennaiyin FC Group G Ceres-Negros FC 0:1 Binh Duong Group I HangYuen/Fujen 1:2 Kitchee Group F Ha Noi TT 2:0 Tampines Rovers Group F Yangon United 2:0 Nagaworld Group E Manang Marshyangdi 1:1 Minerva Punjab Group I April 25 SC 4:0 Wofoo Tai Po Group B Al Najma 2:1 Al Ittihad Group B Kuwait SC 1:2 Al Jazeera Group A Al-Wehdat 2:0 Hilal Al-Quds Group A Al-Jaish 2:2 Al-Nejmeh Group H Home United 2:0 Kaya FC Group H Lao Toyota FC 0:3 PSM Group C Al Suwaiq 2:1 Al Qadasiya Group C Al Ahed 2:1 Malkiya Group A Al-Nejmeh 1:2 Hilal Al-Quds Group A Hilal Al-Quds 2:1 Al-Nejmeh Group D Istiqlol 4:1 Dordoi Bishkek Group E Minerva Punjab 2:2 Manang Marshyangdi Group I Kitchee 3:0 HangYuen/Fujen Group F Tampines Rovers 4:3 Yangon United Group F Nagaworld 1:5 Ha Noi TT Group G Binh Duong 3:1 Persija Group G Shan United 0:5 Ceres-Negros FC Group A Hilal Al-Quds 0:0 Al-Jaish Group A Al-Nejmeh 0:2 Al-Wehdat Group B Al Ittihad 0:2 Kuwait SC Group B Al Jazeera 3:0 Al Najma Group E Chennaiyin FC 1:0 Abahani Limited Group I Wofoo Tai Po 1:3 April 25 SC Group D Khujand 0:0 Altyn Asyr Group H PSM 3:2 Home United Group H Kaya FC 5:1 Lao Toyota FC Group C Al Qadasiya 0:1 Al Ahed Group C Malkiya 2:2 Al Suwaiq Group G Persija 2:3 Ceres-Negros FC Group E Chennaiyin FC 2:0 Manang Marshyangdi Group I Wofoo Tai Po 4:2 HangYuen/Fujen Group D Altyn Asyr 1:1 Istiqlol Group E Abahani Limited 2:2 Minerva Punjab Group F Tampines Rovers 4:2 Nagaworld Group H Lao Toyota FC 2:3 Home United Group D Khujand 3:1 Dordoi Bishkek Group F Yangon United 2:5 Ha Noi TT Group I April 25 SC 2:0 Kitchee Group H Kaya FC 1:2 PSM Group C Malkiya 1:2 Al Qadasiya Group A Al-Wehdat 1:1 Al-Jaish Group C Al Suwaiq 0:1 Al Ahed Group G Binh Duong 6:0 Shan United Group B Kuwait SC 2:1 Al Najma Group B Al Ittihad 0:2 Al Jazeera Group E Chennaiyin FC 0:0 Minerva Punjab Group D Istiqlol 3:0 Khujand Group D Dordoi Bishkek 1:1 Altyn Asyr Group I Kitchee 2:4 Wofoo Tai Po Group G Ceres-Negros FC 1:0 Persija Group I HangYuen/Fujen 0:3 April 25 SC Group E Manang Marshyangdi 0:1 Abahani Limited Group G Shan United 1:2 Binh Duong Group B Al Najma 0:1 Kuwait SC Group B Al Jazeera 4:0 Al Ittihad Group F Ha Noi TT 0:1 Yangon United Group H Home United 1:0 Lao Toyota FC Group F Nagaworld 1:5 Tampines Rovers Group H PSM 1:1 Kaya FC Group C Al Qadasiya 1:2 Malkiya Group A Al-Jaish 1:0 Al-Wehdat Group C Al Ahed 4:2 Al Suwaiq Group H PSM 7:3 Lao Toyota FC Group H Kaya FC 5:0 Home United Group C Al Qadasiya 2:0 Al Suwaiq Group C Malkiya 0:0 Al Ahed Group F Tampines Rovers 1:1 Ha Noi TT Group F Nagaworld 2:1 Yangon United Group G Binh Duong 1:3 Ceres-Negros FC Group G Shan United 1:3 Persija Group A Al-Nejmeh 0:1 Al-Jaish Group B Al Jazeera 1:0 Kuwait SC Group B Al Ittihad 1:2 Al Najma Group A Hilal Al-Quds 2:6 Al-Wehdat Group H Home United 1:1 PSM Group H Lao Toyota FC 1:1 Kaya FC Group C Al Suwaiq 1:2 Malkiya Group C Al Ahed 0:0 Al Qadasiya Group F Ha Noi TT 10:0 Nagaworld Group G Ceres-Negros FC 3:2 Shan United Group F Yangon United 1:3 Tampines Rovers Group G Persija 0:0 Binh Duong Group A Al-Wehdat 1:0 Al-Nejmeh Group B Al Najma 1:1 Al Jazeera Group A Al-Jaish 1:1 Hilal Al-Quds Group B Kuwait SC 0:0 Al Ittihad

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