Astralis – Ninjas in Pyjamas: forecast and bet on the BLAST Premier Spring Groups match

As part of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, Danes from Astralis will fight Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The main thing that has happened to Astralis lately is the return to the Danish legend of the Device, which solved all the problems and returned home to win. There are problems with the results so far, of course, two defeats at the tournament from Vitality and Heroic, but they can be justified by the lack of play, and the opponents were clearly not easy. Glimpses of a good game performed by Astralis are already visible, I think that after a while Glave and the company will become a formidable force.

NIP also strengthened during the break, paying a lot of money for the former NaVi player Hedtrick, the transfer is promising, but it's too early to say anything more. Here the Swedes lost twice to Natus Vincere and dealt with BIG, but the main problem is the departure of Hampus for personal reasons, who will be replaced by a young Maxter.

I think it will be difficult to play against the Danes with a replacement, the structure will definitely be broken, I assume that the Swedes will not take the cards either.

Tip: Astralis victory with a handicap on cards -1.5
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