Italy – Cuba: forecast for the match of the men's Volleyball League of Nations

As part of the match of the men's Volleyball League of Nations, the players of the national teams of Italy and Cuba will come face to face. Which side will win this match? Our sports portal evaluates the chances of success of teams.



The Italian national team at the previous tournament of the League of Nations reached the semifinals, where they lost to France with a score of 0:3. In the match for the third place, Squadra Azzurra lost to Poland with a score of 0:3. At the Volleyball World Cup last year, the Italians reached the final, where they were able to defeat Poland with a score of 3:1. Within the framework of the current League of Nations, Italy started extremely poorly. She lost in two consecutive matches to Argentina (0:3) and the USA (0:3), showing a weak level of play.


The Cuban national team has not participated in the League of Nations for a long time, and therefore is happy to return to the tournament. Last year, the team participated in the Volleyball World Championship and was able to reach the 1/8 finals stage, where, however, it lost to Italy with a score of 1:3. Within the framework of the current League of Nations tournament, the Cubans held 2 meetings in which they lost. The team lost to Canada (2:3), after which it was weaker than the Netherlands (0:3).

Statistics and figures:                                   

  • Cuba is the favorite of the meeting;
  • Italy has a 2-match losing streak;
  • Cuba lost 5 fights in a row;
  • The last face-to-face meeting of the opponents ended with a score of 3:1 in favor of Italy.


In this match, the Cubans will be able to deal with their opponent, because they are in a more collected state and will be able to defeat the current world champions, who are not playing in the main squad. But for 4 sets, the opponents will still be honored.

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