Liga Pro Team — Ak Bars Team: bet and forecast for the match of the Games of the Future of Digital Hockey

The Liga Pro Team and Ak Bars Team will meet in the 1/2 final match of the Games of the Future Digital Hockey tournament. Which team will be able to make it to the finals of the tournament? We'll figure it out.


Liga Pro Team (Russia) 

Liga Pro Team is a Russian team that is among the main contenders for the title at the tournament in Kazan. She showed her worth already in the group stage, winning all three matches. In the first match of the tournament, she beat Barys Cyber Team by the results of two disciplines (hockey simulator and short hockey) with a score of 10:7, in the second match she left no chance for Baltic Select (15:4), and in the final game she also confidently beat Quetzales Mexico North Am (13:7).

Ak Bars Team (Russia)

Ak Bars Team performs at home stands, as the team is based in Kazan, and can also compete for the trophy. At the end of the group stage, she took second place in the standings of her quartet, scoring four points. Kazan lost to COSMOS X17 in the first match of the tournament with a minimum score of 7:8, then left no chance for the INTER team, winning with a crushing score of 12:3, and in the third game outplayed Feniks with a score of 6:3.

Statistics and figures

  • Liga Pro Team is the favorite of the match according to bookmakers;
  • The Liga Pro Team won three matches in the group stage.


I think that the match will be held in an equal manner and a lot will be decided in a 3x3 match, where teams will not take risks. Forecast: the total number of goals in short hockey (8.5) is less.

Tip: Total goals in short-field hockey (8.5) less
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