PARI: Brazil is the clear favorite of the 2022 World Cup before the 1/4 finals. But the customers are still for Argentina

PARI: Brazil is the clear favorite of the 2022 World Cup before the 1/4 finals. But the customers are still for Argentina
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Author: PARI

On December 6, all participants of the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup were determined in Qatar. Eight teams remained in the fight for the World Champions Cup. The betting company PARI has updated the line on the results of the World Cup, assessing the chances of participants to win the long-awaited trophy.

According to PARI analysts, the Brazilian national team has the best chance of winning the World Cup, which confidently beat South Korea in the 1/8 finals. You can bet that the Brazilians will win the trophy for the sixth time in their history by a coefficient of 2.80. Before the start of the tournament, the coefficient was 5.50, and before the playoffs - 3.25.

The French are considered the second most likely to win gold medals. "Tricolor" easily dealt with the Poles in the 1/8 finals, while they were among the first to secure participation in the playoffs at the group stage. You can bet that the French national team will retain the world champion title for 4.70 (before the playoffs 6.50 and 7.50 before the start of the tournament).

The national teams of Argentina and England were the third and fourth chances to win the trophy. Quotes for their championship are 7.50. At the same time, the Argentines have been second in chances for a long time: before the playoffs, their triumph could be put at 6.00, and before the start of the 2022 World Cup - at 7.00. They started the tournament with a defeat to Saudi Arabia, but then rehabilitated and won their group, and in the 1/8 finals, not without difficulty, but still beat Australia.

As for the British, they are consistently among the top 5 main favorites of the current World Cup. The England national team is one of four teams that have not lost at the 2022 World Cup yet. In addition, the British, together with the Portuguese, scored the most at the World Cup and at the same time they won three crushing victories at once.

The Portuguese are also in the top 5 for the chances of becoming world champions, who left no stone unturned from Switzerland the day before. The probability that Cristiano Ronaldo and his partners will win the World Cup for the first time is estimated by a coefficient of 8.00.

The chances of the other teams are estimated significantly lower. Quotes for the championship of the Netherlands are 21.00, Morocco and Croatia — 40.00 and 45.00, respectively.

PARI also offers bets on the participants reaching the final. The chances of the Brazilians to play in the main match of the tournament are 1.75, France — 2.35, England — 3.30. You can bet that the Portuguese will go to the final for 3.40, and if the Argentines are there, the bet will be 3.60. Quotes that among the two best teams of the tournament will be the Netherlands, Morocco or Croatia, are 7.50, 12.00 and 14.00 respectively.

It is worth noting that PARI's clients mainly bet on the championship of the Argentine national team. A little less than 31% of the total volume of bets on the winner of the 2022 World Cup falls on the triumph of Messi and his partners. Approximately 21% are Brazilians, 12% each are Portuguese and French, read 11% are the Netherlands, about 10% are the England national team. Almost 3% are Croats and a little more than 1% are from Morocco.

The calendar of matches of the 1/4 finals looks like this:

09.12.2022. 18:00. Croatia – USA
09.12.2022. 22:00. Netherlands – Argentina
10.12.2022. 18:00. Morocco – Portugal
10.12.2022. 22:00. England – France
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