PARI: Inter, Napoli and Juventus are the main favorites of the new Serie A season

PARI: Inter, Napoli and Juventus are the main favorites of the new Serie A season
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The 122nd season of Serie A, the top division of the Italian Football Championship, starts on August 19. After the long-term hegemony of Juventus, which held the title from 2012 to 2020, this tournament is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Over the past three years, three different clubs have taken the scudetto. Before the start of the new season, the betting company PARI analyzed the chances of the teams for first place, studied the layouts in the struggle for survival and identified the main favorites of the scorer race.

According to PARI analysts, Inter is considered the main contender for the title of Italian champion in the 2023/24 season. The Nerazzurri have won the Scudetto 19 times, the last time it was in the spring of 2021. Last season, Simone Inzaghi's team took third place and reached the Champions League final. You can bet on the next triumph of the Milan club in Serie A by a coefficient of 2.95. Bets that Inzaghi and his players will not become champions are accepted for 1.40. Inter's chances of finishing on the first or second line are quoted at 2.00. If the club turns out to be in the top 4 at the end of the season, the bet for 1.22 will play.

The bookmakers call Napoli the main competitor of Inter in the upcoming season. Last season, the Neapolitans became champions for the first time since 1990. A new triumph is in question due to the departure of the main creator of success. Napoli left head coach Luciano Spalletti, whose place was taken by Rudy Garcia. However, the leaders remained in the team — Viktor Osimhen and Hvicha Kvaratskhelia. Betting on the next championship title of "Napoli" will be calculated for 4.50. The reverse outcome (any place except the first one) is available for 1.20. The chances of "Napoli" being in the top 2 at the end of the season are quoted for 2.30, in the top 3 - for 1.65, in the top 4 - for 1.30.

Juventus is considered the third most likely contender for gold. The Turin club is the most titled in the country (36 scudettos), but has not won the championship since 2020. You can predict the next Juve triumph in 5.00. If Massimiliano Allegri's team takes any place except the first, the quote 1.20 will play. Bookmakers also offer a coefficient of 2.65 for Juve to finish in first-second places, 2.10 — in first-third places and 1.55 — in first-fourth places. It is worth noting that, in connection with the investigation into financial fraud last season, the Turin team took only seventh place due to the withdrawal of points, and this year they will not play in European competitions, so they will be able to fully concentrate on the championship.

Bookmakers also include Milan among the favorites of the season. The Rossoneri have won the title 19 times, the last time it was in the 2021/22 season. The chances of Stefano Pioli's team to regain the scudetto are estimated at a coefficient of 7.00. Quotes for the reverse outcome are 1.10. If Milan takes a place no lower than second, the bet will play for 3.15. The team's finish in the top three is quoted for 2.20, and in the top four — for 1.65.

The top five contenders for gold are closed by Roma, which has not been a champion since 2001. It is possible to make a bet on the triumph of the capital club for 12.00. Jose Mourinho's team finish in the top 2 is proposed to be predicted for 5.00, in the top 3 - for 2.80, in the top 4 — for 2.20.

Another Roman club, Lazio, has not won the championship since 2000, but last season under the leadership of Maurizio Sarri became the second. The triumph of the Romans in the PARI line goes for 15.00. The chances of Laziale being among the two, three or four best teams in Italy are estimated by coefficients 6.00, 3.50 and 2.55, respectively.

The least likely contenders for victory in the new Serie A season are Salernitana, Empoli, Cagliari, Genoa, Verona, Lecce and Frosinone. The success of each of these seven clubs is estimated by a coefficient of 2000.00.

However, it is much more likely that all of them will have to focus on the struggle for survival. In particular, Frosinone is considered the main contender for departure. The chances of this club being in 18-20 places at the end of the season are estimated at a coefficient of 1.60. You can predict the departure of Lecce for 1.85, Verona for 2.15, and Genoa for 2.45. But Salernitane and Empoli will most likely be able to escape. The chances of both clubs avoiding relegation are quoted at 1.30.

PARI's clients consider Inter to be the most likely winner of the season. Nerazzurri's victory accounts for 38% of the total volume of bets on the outcome of the championship race in Series A. Another 29% is made for the triumph of Juventus and 26% for the fact that Napoli will be able to defend the Scudetto. Milan and Roma account for 2% each.

In a separate line, PARI customers can predict who will become the top scorer of the championship. Last season, the Golden Boot was taken by Victor Osimhen from Napoli, who scored 26 goals. The second was Lautaro Martinez from Inter with 21 goals. They are considered the favorites of the new bombardier race. You can bet on the victory of Osimhen for 2.60. Martinez's triumph is quoted at 3.10. The top five favorites include Ciro Immobile from Lazio (7.50), Rafael Leau from Milan (12.00) and Domenico Berardi from Sassuolo (18.00). The chances of Hvichi Kvaratskhelia scoring the most in the new Serie A season are estimated at a coefficient of 35.00.

The 122nd Italian Football Championship will end on May 26, 2024.

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