SPAWN Team - UD Vessuwan: forecast and bet on the BTS Pro Series Season 14 Southeast Asia Dota 2 match

SPAWN Team and UD Vessuwan will meet in the next match of the group stage of the BTS Pro Series Season 14 Southeast Asia Dota 2. On whose side will the victory be?

UD Vessuwan


Despite the fact that SPAWN Team has only two wins after five matches played, it closes the top three, because it has not suffered a single defeat yet, gaining a total of seven points. They managed to score two points each in the confrontations with Reaper and Myth Avenue, and the battles with Neon, Polaris and EHOME ended in a 1-1 draw. A victory in the upcoming meeting will ensure SPAWN Team a place in the top 4 and an exit to the playoffs. 

UD Vessuwan

Theoretically, UD Vessuwan can still reach the playoffs, but there is little chance of that. Currently, UD Vessuwan has three points scored, and EHOME, which closes the playoff zone, has six, but one more match has been played. In the two remaining rounds, the guys from UD Vessuwan need to achieve two victories, which is hard to believe. In the previous five rounds, they won only once, drew once more and were left without scoring points three times. 


SPAWN Team copes with the group stage more confidently, being one step away from reaching the playoffs, so it must beat the inferior UD Vessuwan in the class and get out of the group. 

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