OG – Astralis: forecast and bet on the BLAST Premier Spring Groups match

As part of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 OG will fight with the Danes from Astralis.

OG won two victories during the tournament, in both cases the Americans from Liquid were beaten, who started this year disgustingly. Nex and the company suffered two defeats from Feiz, it would seem that there is nothing surprising in such results, everything is true, if we do not take into account the absence of Norwegian Rain in the Feiz team, thus, Carrigan and the company won twice even with a replacement.

Astralis are calmly played from game to game, the device that has returned home is beginning to shine more and more often, if Nikola Ritz reaches her level, then the Danes can once again become a formidable force. During the tournament, Glave and the company won only one victory, beating the NPC, but at times they looked decent in matches with Vitaliti and Heroik.

If Astralis shut down Degster, as Feiz did in both matches, then OG will not have a chance, I will believe in Glave's experience.

Tip: Victory of Astralis
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Source: LiveResult.ru

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