Wildcard Gaming - Alpha: prediction and betting on the DPC North America Dota 2 match

Wildcard Gaming will face Alpha in the DPC North America Dota 2 group stage. Who will win?

Wildcard Gaming

Wildcard Gaming

Wildcard Gaming suffered two defeats in five rounds, as a result of which it lost its chances of reaching the Major. With nine points, Wildcard Gaming is in fourth position, nine behind TSM, which is in second place. The two remaining rounds turned into a formality for Wildcard Gaming, because it secured its place in the First Division, breaking away from the seventh line by nine points. 


Alpha has long lost the chance to win a slot at The International 2023, and at the moment has five matches played, in each of which it lost. The major is now the top five from the Alpha team and does not care, because there is a serious threat of relegation to the Second Division. Two rounds before the end of the group stage, Alpha takes the penultimate seventh place, but the gap from the safe sixth can be won back - three points. 


Wildcard Gaming doesn't need anything anymore, and Alpha needs a victory to get out of the relegation zone. I suggest you believe in her proper attitude and bet on victory. 

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