Young Ninjas - Spirit Academy: CS:GO forecast and bet
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In the second round of the play-in at the WePlay Academy League Season 5 CIS tournament, the Spirit Academy team will play against Young Ninjas from Sweden.

Spirit Academy

The CIS team met our expectations yesterday and won on three maps of the first round of the play-in stage of this tournament. Spirit Academy played against OG Academy and won a strong–willed victory - 7:16 Overpass (opponent's peak); 16:14 Vertigo and 19:15 Dust2.

Young Ninjas

The Swedish team, in turn, played on HLTV for the last time as part of this tournament, but it was still the sixth of August. Then, in their last group B match, Young Ninjas defeated BIG Academy from Germany with a score of 16 in a match of the VO1 format:3. As a result, Young Ninjas took second place in the group with 27 points.


In this match, Young Ninjas are considered a fairly clear favorite. The Swedish team's selection of players is still a little better, which speaks in its favor, and therefore we also suggest that you bet on the victory of Young Ninjas.

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