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In the Group A match at the WePlay Academy League Season 4 tournament, OG Academy will play against PROSPECTS.

OG Academy

This European team on the first day of this tournament had a tough match against the Brazilians from Young Gods, but still with a score of 16:14 it managed to achieve victory on the Mirage map. And last night OG played against fnatic Rising on the Inferno map, the match turned out to be stubborn again, but this time OG were defeated with a score of 13:16.


This academy, which is also made up of players from different countries, performs at the WePlay Academy League Season 4 rather unevenly. On May 30, PROSPECTS defeated the Turks from Eternal Fire Academy on the Mirage map with a score of 16:7. On the 31st of the same Mirage, there was a defeat in a stubborn confrontation from the Brazilians from Young Gods with a score of 13:16. On the first of June, PROSPECTS also decided to play on Mirage against MOUZ NXT, here also the guys did not have a game and they lost with a score of 8:16. But last night PROSPECTS played a strong match on Dust2 and beat Spirit Academy with a score of 16:14 in a hard struggle.

OG Academy and PROSPECTS played together at this tournament on May 27, the teams created a Mirage map convenient for PROSPECTS, as a result, PROSPECTS won with a score of 16:9.


Both teams in Group A are not performing very well, for sure OG Academy will get rid of the Mirage card this time in order to have a better chance of winning, but, with a high probability, we will still have a hard fight, and therefore we suggest that you bet more than 25.5 rounds on the total.

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