Ramboot R10 — Zero Tenacity: current forecast and bet on the match of the Games of the Future CS2 + laser tag today

In the match of the third round of the group stage of the Games of the Future, the teams Ramboot R10 and Zero Tenacity will meet in the CS2 +laser tag discipline. How will the upcoming match between the teams that no longer have any tournament tasks end? We'll figure it out.

Ramboot R10
Zero Tenacity

Ramboot R10 (Spain) 

In the first match at the tournament in Kazan, Ramboot R10 lost to the Russian team HOTU dry with a score of 0 without a chance:3. In the second match, the Spaniards were also defeated, but this time by LookingForOrg and with a score of 1:2, losing two cards in CS2, but winning in laser tag. 

Zero Tenacity (Balkans) 

Zero Tenacity was defeated by the LookingForOrg team with a score of 1:2 in the first match of the tournament, where a draw was recorded after the digital part, but in the second match it lost to the Russian team HOTU with the same result, and also after CS2 there was a draw. 

Statistics and figures 

  • Zero Tenacity is the favorite of the match according to bookmakers;
  • Both teams lost both matches in the tournament 


I think that the nominal guests should succeed in the upcoming match and guarantee themselves victory already at the end of the Digital part, because the Spanish team is showing itself well in laser tag. Prediction: Zero Tenacity wins the Digital stage

Tip: Zero Tenacity's victory in the Digital Stage
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