BIG - 9 Pandas: forecast and bet on CCT 2023 Online Finals 5

In the semi-finals of the top bracket of the CCT 2023 Online Finals 5 tournament, the Russian team 9 Pandas will play against the German team BIG.

9 Pandas


The German team met our expectations in the quarterfinals of the top bracket the day before yesterday. In the match of the BO3 format, BIG played a confident match and beat the Guild Eagles from Kosovo on two maps – 13:9 Vertigo (its peak) and 13:9 Ancient. In this meeting, the Pole mantuu performed well in the BIG team, he finished the match with a score of +27 in frags.

9 Pandas

The Russian team, in turn, the day before yesterday, in the quarterfinals of the upper bracket, had a much more stubborn fight. 9 Pandas in a match of the VO3 format outplayed the average European team Into the Breach on only three maps – 13:11 Overpass (their peak); 14:16 Ancient and 13:10 Anubis. In this match, as part of 9 Pandas, iDISBALANCE showed himself very well, he finished the match with a score of +17 in frags.

9 Pandas and BIG last played on October 24 in the 1/8 finals of the CCT East Europe Series 3 tournament. Then the Russian team was able to make a sensation and win on three maps – 19:17 Nuke (its peak); 8:13 Ancient and 13:7 Overpass.


In this match, BIG is considered by the bookmakers to be an extremely clear favorite, which of course is quite fair. However, it cannot be ruled out that 9 Pandas will once again be able to impose a good fight and maybe even make a sensation.

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