G2 - Aurora: forecast and bet on CCT 2023 Online Finals 5

In the semi-finals of the top bracket of the CCT 2023 Online Finals 5 tournament, the Russian team Aurora will play against the European team G2.

Aurora Gaming


The European team the day before yesterday did not play very stable in the quarterfinals of the top bracket of this tournament. In the match of the VO3 G2 format, the Danish Sprout team was outplayed on only three maps and in a very stubborn struggle – 3:13 Mirage (its peak); 16:13 Overpass and 16:14 Anubis.


The Russian team, in turn, also played a rather difficult match the day before yesterday. In the quarterfinals of the upper bracket, Aurora had to play three cards to beat the Portuguese SAW team – 10:13 Ancient (its peak); 13:7 Anubis and 13:1 Nuke. In this meeting, deko performed well as a member of Aurora, he finished the match with a score of +22 in frags. KENSI also performed very well in the match and finished with a score of +17. It is also worth noting Lack1 from Kazakhstan, he finished the match with a score of +15 in frags.


In this match, G2 is of course considered by the bookmakers to be the undisputed favorite. However, given that G2 is already finishing the season without much motivation, Aurora will have a chance to impose at least a very good fight here.

Tip: Aurora handicap +7.5 rounds
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Tip: The total is more than 48.5 rounds
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Source: liveresult.ru
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