BetBoom - Cloud9: forecast and bet on BetBoom Dacha 2023

The Russian teams BetBoom and Cloud9 will play against each other in the survival match at the BetBoom Dacha 2023 LAN tournament, which takes place in the UAE.

BetBoom Team


The Russian team won a very important match for survival in Group A the day before yesterday. In the match of the BO3 BetBoom format, they easily outplayed the European GamerLegion team – 13:9 Ancient (the opponent's peak) and 13:7 Nuke.


The more high–status Russian team, in turn, lost the winners' match in Group A. Cloud9 in a match of the BO3 format could well have won on two cards from MIBR from Brazil, but the guys relaxed at the end of the second card and eventually allowed the opponent to seize the initiative - 13:3 Anubis (the opponent's peak); 13:16 Inferno and 6:13 Mirage.


In this match, Cloud9 is, of course, considered by the bookmakers to be the undisputed favorite. With a competent peak of Cloud9 cards, it is quite possible to win with a score of 2:0, we suggest you take a chance and bet on this outcome.

Tip: Cloud9 will win 2-0 on the cards
2.00 Make a bet
Tip: The total is less than 55.5 rounds
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