IHC — Cloud9: prediction and betting on the match Katowice

IHC — Cloud9: prediction and betting on the match Katowice
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Two losers of the IHC and Cloud9 launch will meet in a match of hope in the lower grid of IEM Katowice 2023. Despite the fact that the Mongols are recorded as outsiders, it is not immediately possible to take the score 2:0 in favor of the Russian team.


The guys from IHC show pretty good CS, so they are quite ready to impose a fight on at least one map. They shoot pretty well, building up their team skills from tournament to tournament.

At this time, Cloud9 is playing with a blatant squeak. They fail precisely in the team aspect, which gives a small head start to the Mongolian team. It is with this that our bets on the upcoming match will be connected.

Tip: IHC handicap on cards (+1.5)
2.70 Make a bet
Tip: IHC Handicap by rounds (+13.5)
1.80 Make a bet
Tip: Individual IHC total more than 19.5 - yes
1.67 Make a bet
Tip: The total of cards is more than 2.5
2.90 Make a bet
Source: LiveResult.Ru

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