Eternal Fire - : forecast and bet on ESL Pro League

In the semifinals of the lower bracket of Group B at the ESL Pro League Season 18 LAN tournament, which takes place in Malta, the Russian team will play against Eternal Fire from Turkey.

Eternal Fire

Eternal Fire

The Turkish team played a difficult match yesterday in the first round of the lower bracket of Group D, but won a very important victory for themselves. In the match of the VO3 Eternal Fire format, the strong Polish team 9INE was outplayed on two cards – 19:15 Anubis (its peak) and 16:11 Vertigo. In this meeting, woxic played pretty well as part of Eternal Fire, he finished the match with a score of +16 in frags.

The Russian team, in turn, played a match in the semifinals of the upper bracket of Group D yesterday. we played unstable in the confrontation with a strong European G2 team and eventually were defeated on three maps – 6:16 Mirage (its peak); 16:10 Inferno and 5:16 Ancient. At the same time, on the Mirage map failed in the second half of the card for the defense side, the Russian team took only one round.


In this meeting of course, it is considered an extremely clear favorite among bookmakers. However, a rather difficult match may be waiting for the Russian team in this meeting, and therefore we suggest that you put more than 63.5 rounds on the total.

Tip: Total more than 63.5 rounds
1.90 Make a bet
Tip: will win with a score of 2:1 on the cards
3.20 Make a bet

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Matches between teams

Virtus.Pro: wins: 0, draws: 1, defeats: 0
Eternal Fire: wins: 0, draws: 1, defeats: 0
Virtus.Pro 1:2 Eternal Fire REPUBLEAGUE Season 2

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