User agreement

General terms of use

This User agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") sets out the terms and conditions of use by Users (hereinafter referred to as "users") of the Internet " site " (defined hereafter).

Users and the Site will be collectively referred to in the text as " Parties".


How to use the site and mobile apps (hereinafter- site ), as well as all materials and links contained on the Site, is determined by this Agreement. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Site, the Agreement defines the entire procedure for interaction between Users and the Site.

the User must read the Agreement carefully before using the Site. The user who opens the site is considered to have read the Agreement.

This Agreement in whole or in part may be changed by the Site at any time without any special notice. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment it is published on the Site.

the Site recommends that Users regularly and carefully read the Agreement to be aware of changes in it.

the Site is not required to make sure that the User has read the Agreement. The Agreement published on the Site is considered valid.

the Site can only be used for legitimate purposes. Use of the Site to transmit, distribute, publish or store any material that violates applicable law or the interests of third parties is prohibited. This also applies to the transmission, distribution, publication or storage of any material that violates copyright, trade secrets, intellectual property rights, offends or discriminates against anyone, violates confidentiality, privacy rights, or is fraudulent or violates gaming laws.

in case of violation of the terms of use of the Site, the Site has the right to close the user's access to the Site and close their account. The site has the right to file a lawsuit against the User at its discretion.


the Site provides information on the website and mobile apps about the results of sports events, the results of completed meetings, statistics, lineups, tables and schedules. Results and other information are obtained from suppliers (third parties) or by the Site's own efforts from various official Internet resources. The site makes every effort to update the results of sports competitions accurately and on time, but, nevertheless, recommends checking the information on other resources. The site is not responsible for the use of information posted on it by the User

third-party Sites

the User understands that any traffic to a third-party site from our Site, whether intentional or accidental, and all consequences of this traffic are beyond the responsibility of our Site.

Any claims that the User may have in connection with the use of other websites may not apply to our Site.

Third parties, including advertisers on our Site, do not have access to the personal data , or any other data, of users Of our Site.

audio-Visual content

the Site is not responsible for the audio-visual materials presented on the site. All videos are found on the Internet and are not stored on the Site's servers.

Inactive accounts

If a user has registered an account but has not used it for 60 days, the Site reserves the right to delete the account without notice.

Intellectual property

Users may not use copy, modify, or publish the Site's content without the site's written permission.

Any violation of the Site's copyright is tantamount to a violation of applicable law in the Russian Federation and other applicable laws. The site and other persons authorized by the Site may recover damages in court.

types of relationships

This agreement does not imply the creation of any partnerships or joint ventures between the User and the Site.

Violations of the Agreement

If the User violates the Agreement, or the Site has grounds to suspect the User of a violation, the Site reserves the right to close the user's access to the website and close his account, and in addition, apply to the court at its discretion.

Compliance with regulations

Users are required to follow the laws and regulations of the country in which they are located or resident. The site is not responsible for any legal actions that may be taken against the User due to the use of the Site.


the Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation without giving effect to conflict of laws laws. The parties agree that all disputes will be settled in the court of the Russian Federation and under its laws. This Agreement is not governed by the UN Convention on contracts for the international sale of goods.


the Headings are intended to explain the content of the Agreement paragraphs. Headings cannot be used to interpret the content of paragraphs. The headers do not bind the Site to any obligations.


Any refusal of the Site to pursue a violation of the Agreement by the User does not mean that the same violations will not be prosecuted in the future.


warranties and Guarantees

the Site does not make any guarantees that the data provided by it is accurate and can be used for various purposes that do not directly follow from this Agreement.

the User bears all risks of using the Site. The site is not a betting shop or gambling website. The site does not provide services for accepting bets and other gambling services, which means that it does not control Users ' funds and does not participate in monetary transactions. The betting odds and other information displayed on the Site are provided for informational purposes only.

this Site does not guarantee that using the Website will satisfy the User that the Site is safe and has no viruses, errors in the results found in the Website, is regularly amended, but the site does not guarantee the accuracy of the results. Users access the Site on their own initiative and are responsible for following local laws.

the Site contains links, including advertising links, to third-party sites. They are provided for the convenience of the User, and the Site is not responsible for the content of the pages to which these links lead. The site does not guarantee the accuracy of the information that will be published on these pages, and the Site does not guarantee their security. The site has not tested the programs and web pages that are linked to on our site and cannot be responsible for their security and content.

Loss or damage

the Site is not liable for any loss or damage to the User or third parties resulting from visiting the Site, including, but not limited to, loss of sales, lost profits, loss of expected revenue, losses or winnings in bets, business interruption, loss of commercial information, and any other material losses.

the Site is not responsible for winnings or losses on third-party sites, the results of which may be information available on the Site.

Without limitation in relation to the previous paragraphs, the Site is not responsible for the following:

  1. error (s), typo (s), misinterpretation (s), misinterpretation (s), misreading (s), incorrect translation (s), spelling error (s), reading error (s), funds transfer error (s), technical hazard (s), registration error (s), clear error (s), force majeure (s) and other similar errors;
  2. violation of Site rules;
  3. criminal acts;
  4. advice (s) provided by the site in any form;
  5. legal remedies and other legal protection;
  6. losses or damages to the User or third parties arising from visiting the Site as a result of visiting third-party Sites;
  7. loss or damage to the User or third parties resulting from changes to the Site or its failure;
  8. criminal use of the Site, any errors, omissions, or other factors beyond our control;
  9. any use of the Site when a third party uses the User's personal data, Username and Password to log in to the Site;
  10. due to differences in features, services, or any other features provided by the Site due to computer viruses;
  11. any action or omission by the Internet service provider or any other third party that the User uses to log in to the Site. In the event of legal proceedings by the User or provider, the Site cannot be part of the claim, and this claim cannot relate in any way to this Agreement;
  12. and any claim received by the User as a result of damage from what was published by another User on the Site.

privacy Policy

Site and its mobile applications (hereinafter – Site) respect the right of all parties using the site (hereinafter – Users) to privacy. From time to time, the Site collects "Personal data" from Users (defined hereafter) in order to provide them with the best service and use of the Site.

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