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Team squad

# Player Role
32 Niklas Backstrom II 1Goalkeeper
19 Mikko Koskinen 1Goalkeeper
1 Juuse Saros 1Goalkeeper
38 Juuso Hietanen 2Defender
6 Topi Jaakola 2Defender
5 Lasse Kukkonen 2Defender
7 Esa Lindell 2Defender
55 Atte Ohtamaa 2Defender
2 Ville Pokka 2Defender
28 Anssi Salmela 2Defender
20 Sebastian Aho 4Striker
61 Aleksander Barkov 4Striker
64 Mikael Granlund 4Striker
36 Jussi Jokinen 4Striker
9 Mikko Sakari Koivu 4Striker
71 Leo Komarov 4Striker
40 Jarno Koskiranta 4Striker
29 Patrik Laine 4Striker
41 Antti Pihlstrom 4Striker
56 Teemu Pulkkinen 4Striker
37 Mika Pyueryalya 4Striker
51 Tony Sallinen 4Striker

Team Info

  • Finland
  • суоми
  • Lauri Marjamaki
  • белый, синий

Awards and achievements

Чемпион мира (2): 1995, 2011

Серебряные медали ЧМ (7): 1992, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2007, 2014

Бронзовые медали ЧМ (3): 2000, 2006, 2008

Серебряная медаль Олимпиады (2): 1988, 2006

Бронзовая медаль Олимпиады (4): 1994, 1998, 2010, 2014

Everyone knows what hockey is and everyone has seen how you play this game. But how many can boast knowledge of all hockey teams or at least some of them? It's much more interesting to watch the game not just unknown to you personalities and players, about the team which you know everything. In such situations, to observe the game much more enjoyable, because then you think that athletes are not playing, and the people that you victory are waiting for the most.

In the modern world, this game, like hockey, is quite popular, so varieties of teams have a lot.

What are the hockey team:

The team, which is played only by men.
- The women's hockey team.
- A team of Amateurs.
- Children's hockey team.

Each country has its own national team, which annually presents it in a variety of international competitions.
On our site contains information on all the hockey teams not only in Russia but throughout the world. Here you can read:

- The history of the team.
- On its composition.
- List of awards that were won during the period of existence of the club.
- Information about past games.
- News about games that are to take place.
- Information on all the fan clubs of each individual team.

Thanks to our site every person can make their own ranking of teams in hockey, analyzing the results of all games they have played.

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