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Every sports fan likes to learn information about the players of your favorite team, thoroughly worth a thousand biographies of all hockey players. And this is not surprising, because each of the players - it's not just people who play games, this is a strong personality, who was able during his life to achieve significant results. All the best hockey players of the world are ordinary children of their parents, who at one point decided to devote his life to favourite kind of sport.

Now the online network you can see many different photos of hockey players, but only on our website along with photos have the chance to read a lot of useful information about each individual player, which you are interested.

- Detailed biography of the athlete with all the important moments of life.
- Results driven games.
- List of awards and achievements.
- Information about upcoming events.

Our web portal allows you without wasting time to learn about what has Russian hockey players and how much better results they managed to achieve during his sports career.

This is a good place for young hockey players who are just starting to make their first steps in pursuit of the sport. Read the history of their idols and to understand their secrets of success by using the presented information, which is updated daily with new.

Very interesting information about the players on our website.

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