Teams of Formula 1 and their composition for 2015

Formula 1 is the international championship of the world in which competing race car drivers from around the world. All the teams of formula 1 exhibited two drivers, who are struggling to get a prize for their club.

Our website provides information about all the teams that participate in competitions. Here you can learn not only about how many teams in formula 1, but also to learn more detailed information by reading the history of formula 1 teams.

Knowledge of the history of the clubs and its members allows game time to do my own forecasts based on the results of the previous games or the other party's arrival.

All detailed information about the teams, contact us at:

- Team name, logo.
- The country that represent the participants.
- The year when was founded the team.
Data about cars.
- Formula 1 teams.
- List of all achievements and awards.
- History.

Besides, on the website you can leave a comment under any publication that gives the opportunity to discuss the team with other fans races and their participants.

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