Stadium: Stadio Artemio Franchi
For sim will end our broadcast. Thank you all for your attention. For this game you commented Gregory Seidman.
See you at the matches of the Western European and domestic football! Do you like football, play football, watch football! And be happy!
Second Half
EVERYTHING! The match is over! Referee Gianluca Rocky fixes from 1-0!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Score 0-0 captures the referee Gianluca Rocky at halftime! Teams are already fighting a step directed to the locker room.
Let's rest a bit and we are. Data collection on the same spot after 15 minutes! Break.
The game has removed half of the field, "Siena", where 11 players are "Siena" and 10 players, "Roma." And neck can be minimized by looking only at one side.
Note that in the first 13 minutes of play-backs "Roma" dnyuyut and spend the night in a strange half of the field, they are still spared from the direct functions due to inactivity "Siena" in the attack.
Without control of the ball forward in the midfield players, "Roma", the players, "Siena" defend an organized way.
Totti in the usual style of deeply moving away in search of the ball from his team's attack from the depths and choosing aggressive vector.
A good chance to open the account were the home team, but fail to take advantage of Juan's players could not "Siena."
While no moment passes, we start the match, eyeing each other soccer players from both teams.
Heinze fouled against Qala will be a free-kick for the "Siena."
An unusual case in the Italian championship, when the tour is extended for such number of days. "Lazio", I remind you spent your game on Thursday. And today is Monday - just in case for those who really had a good weekend.
Guests begin to actively meet, trying to combine, to play fast, time to part with the ball. Actively use the right flank of the Romans.
Own efforts earned a free-kick to Francesco Totti happily spoiled, breaking the "wall", skillfully built by Gianluca Pedzholo.
It is clear that "Roma" in today's game - a favorite, but recent results, "Siena" Romans do not promise a sweet life.
Will not rush to the team in the first minutes, the fight is notorious for taking the initiative.
First time has began
Let's go! Referee Gianluca Rocky gives the starting whistle!
The match started! I wish all of you, dear readers, enjoy your meal in the company's website Liveresult! More precisely - a nice football!
First Half
Good evening, ladies and football fans! We continue to follow the ups and downs of the Italian championship. And today, among others, offer you a translation of the match, "Siena" - "Roma."
For this game you will comment on Gregory Seidman.

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