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Not for long, we enjoyed football, unfortunately the match was stopped. Thank you all for your attention. Together with you over the course of events in a match watched Igor Ovcharenko. Until we meet again.
First Half
Came the players, "Ajax" to thank their fans ... And in addition, they are gestures show that all! Final score!
The correspondent from the Netherlands reported that the match will most likely not continue! You know, the first time is on my mind ... Generally, pig, pig simply act on the part of fans ... Here, you can speak and that the goalkeeper could not resist ... But I do not know how else to the story itself, when you fly with a straight leg, a "fan"!?
Rostrum wonder ... It seems that the match is over? I do not understand ....
In the locker room leaving the players and coaches AZ. They are protesting against the decision of an arbitrator ... Wow! In principle, I do not understand referee the match? What does the fan? He's not a party to match ... Although, you know, as the replay, the goalkeeper defending the guests! On his right leg flew this not normal boelschik! So that the judge should more carefully consider their actions. Is the game will be stopped??
Red Card
Wow! Wow! Goalkeeper guests beating a fan ran out on the field! Judge removes it! Hell, what's going on right now on the field!
Failed during the transfer of the player's AZ. from the left flank. Sillessen coming out of the gate is easily picked up the ball.
Can not "differentiate between the desired trait" forward EPS - Altidore. Again he found himself in offsayde.
Maher on the left flank fought for the ball with van Reyonm. As a result, first, at the discretion of the arbitrator violated the rules.
And, here and there! Get! A powerful strike was successful footballer AZ with the average distance. I think if the ball hit the shots on target, the keeper would probably not rescued his team.
Were able to finally take control of the ball players AZ. However, while it does not make any profit. Avoid players shots on goal.
In the final minutes both teams often folyat, almost every 15 seconds, was committed a violation by both teams. It is better to avoid this, I mean violations.
Soleimani after a pass, the center managed to get into the gate offsayd.
Penalty? No, not a penalty. Some of the attackers guests rather "nice" fell into the penalty area, "Ajax". It seems that the referee was right, though it must be carefully watching replay ...
Burrigter could not catch the ball after a good transfer of the right edge. The ball went out of the field. From the gate strikes AZ Alkmaar goalkeeper.
And just right there, once again breaks the rules footballer AZ. At this time there were no yellow cards.
Yellow card
Well, this is not no good to ... Altidore nearly ripped his leg to the opponent. Naturally yellow card was shown to him.
Class! Oh, wow! Another point for scoring players have homes! Great burst on the left flank Klassen, then moved slightly to the center, he decided to break, but made it a little inaccurate. The ball hit into the net from the outside.
Ugly starting player played the guest team. The ball was intercepted in the end in itself hosts penalty area.
Yellow card
Eno played against Vernbluma roughly in the middle of the field. The arbitrator is adamant. Yellow card. Incidentally, the first in the match.
A good cast is far from fulfilled AZ footballer, but the ball failed to reach the desired goal. The defender has not given Behrens take the ball as it should.
Carry and carry the ball players, "Ajax" ... They do not dare go into a fast attack. But the visitors, now, on the contrary has also taken place in the attack. Let's see what happens.
Wow! Altidooor! Dangerous time! Wonder, as they are now not got to the gate AZ striker with almost perfect position .. Frankly lucky players "Ajax."
Well, where moments? Guys, it's time to have anything dangerous to think otherwise so very interesting ... Right now the corner served the guests.
Congratulations! You have got to the "offside" Monsieur Altidore.
Something quite depressed AZ players, and their fans now, are not very audible. So, now the ball under his control have the home team.
Koppers casually knocked the ball out from under the feet of Behrens, who rushed to the gate on the right brow. It may be noted that the game is a little calmer after goal scored.
Behrens broke through the gate in the center, but it wisely stopped the defender owners. So far, nothing dangerous can not understand football AZ Alkmaar.
Altidore fouls in the attack. An indirect free kick from own half the players will perform "Ajax."
Failed in a previous episode of Defense visitors. Well, Well it becomes more interesting to watch this match!
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! "Ajax" opens the score! Van der Wiel! Good attack failed the home team! In the end, made ​​the ball in midfield Lodeyro managed to make "split" the transfer to his partner, who easily beat zaschitika, and then the keeper! 1:0.
Behrens took the ball on the right flank, was not able to perform accurate shed into the penalty area. The ball from a player with his feet "flunked."
In midfield player broke the rules "Ajax." Perform free guests of the match.
Wow! Vertogen ripped in a literal sense, almost the entire defensive line guests! It is true. after such a beautiful passage, the player failed to properly hit the "mottled."
Now is not able to perform accurate transfer to his teammate player AZ. It could be dangerous if not the defenders of the home team.
That's got to attack guests, but took the ball on the edge Altidore, was unable to dispose of it as fitting. As before, the match is not observed the dangerous moments, but sorry ...
From the first minutes, a little more active in looking home side. They are not able to keep the ball in the center of the field, after a series of perepasovki.
It is worth noting that today stands at a lot of viewers. The excitement caused this match for many fans of Dutch football.
Smoothly started this fight, until only the team are looking at each other about any dangerous moments, and there can be no. We shall hope that soon the two will create anything dangerous near goal.
It sounds a whistle the final arbiter! The match started! Let's see what today "prepared" for both teams this match.
First Half
Especially sorry for the fans in this situation. Simple fans who came to see the spectacle, rather than a "box". ..
Hello, ladies and gentlemen. We welcome you to the match, "Ajax" and AZ. We hope that both team will show their best game today. Together with you over the course of events in the match will follow Igor Ovcharenko.

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