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Team squad

# Player Role
1 Kelle Roos 1Goalkeeper
1 Lee Cemp 1Goalkeeper
2 Lewis Buxton 2Defender
3 Joe Mattock 2Defender
4 Danny Collins 2Defender
5 Kirk Broadfoot 2Defender
6 Richard Wood 2Defender
7 Chris Maguire 4Striker
8 Lee Frecklington 3Midfielder
9 Daniel Ward 4Striker
10 Emmanuel Jorge Ledesma 4Striker
11 Paul Green 3Midfielder
14 Aidan White 3Midfielder
15 Greg Halford 2Defender
16 Frazer Richardson 2Defender
17 Grant Ward 3Midfielder
18 Jordan Bowery 4Striker
19 Jonson Clarke-Harris 4Striker
20 Farrend Rawson 2Defender
21 Adam Collin 1Goalkeeper
22 Joe Newell 3Midfielder
23 Tom Thorpe 2Defender
24 Anthony Andreu 3Midfielder
25 Vadis Odjidja 3Midfielder
27 Derbyshire Matt 4Striker
33 Richard Smallwood 3Midfielder

Team Info

  • England
  • Rotherham
  • Rotherham United Football Club
  • Мельники
  • 27.05.1925
  • 1925
  • New York Stadium
  • Tony Stewart
  • Danny Collins
  • Paul Warne

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