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Team squad

# Player Role
1 Ricardo Melgrati 1Goalkeeper
2 Filippo Berra 2Defender
3 Umberto Germano 2Defender
4 Mattia Bani 2Defender
5 Fausto Rossi 3Midfielder
6 Alex Redolfi 2Defender
7 Massimiliano Gatto 4Striker
8 Manuel Scavone 3Midfielder
9 Ettore Marchi 4Striker
10 Nunzio Di Roberto 4Striker
11 Mattia Sprocati 3Midfielder
15 Stefano Beltrame 4Striker
16 Lorenzo Filippini 2Defender
17 Francesco Ardizzone 3Midfielder
18 Mattia Mustacchio 4Striker
20 Kelvin Matute 3Midfielder
21 Luca Castiglia 3Midfielder
22 Mirko Pigliacelli 1Goalkeeper
25 Massimiliano Scaglia 2Defender
26 Mohamed Coly 2Defender
29 Elia Legati 2Defender
32 Giacomo Beretta 4Striker
33 Gregorio Luperini 3Midfielder

Team Info

  • Italy
  • Vercelli
  • Football Club Pro Vercelli 1892 s.r.l.
  • Белые куртки, львы
  • 1892
  • Stadio Silvio Piola
  • Massimo Secondo
  • Massimiliano Scaglia
  • Claudio Foscarini

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