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Team squad

# Player Role
77 Murtaz Daushvili 3Midfielder
19 Pavel Ksonz 3Midfielder
5 Gitchenko Andrew 2Defender
10 Arthur Karnoza 3Midfielder
9 Kozhanov Denis 3Midfielder
26 Artur Novotryasov 2Defender
32 Igor Plastun 2Defender
7 Mikhail Sergiychuk 4Striker
16 Khudobyak Ihor 3Midfielder
17 Oleg Golodyuk 3Midfielder
8 Vladimir Kostevich 2Defender
23 Roman Mysak 1Goalkeeper
40 Igor Bogach 3Midfielder
88 Nazar Verbnyi 2Defender
74 Nazar Vizdrik 2Defender
46 Vladimir Gladkiy 4Striker
47 Maksim Grisio 4Striker
83 Ostap Gros 2Defender
97 Alexey Guculyak 4Striker
90 Vitaly Danyliv 1Goalkeeper
64 Svyatoslav Dzyadikevich 4Striker
72 Aleksandr Dudarenko 2Defender
73 Taras Zaviysky 4Striker
45 Yurii Zakharkiv 4Striker
18 Dmytro Klots 3Midfielder
3 Vasyl Kravets 2Defender
70 Ivan Lobay 2Defender
79 Andriy Markovich 2Defender
94 Denis Miroshnichenko 2Defender
50 Ilia Mikhaylovsky 3Midfielder
30 Oleh Mozil 1Goalkeeper
1 Roman Podkova 1Goalkeeper
37 Dmitry Polyuganych 3Midfielder
22 Taras Puchkovskiy 2Defender
85 Vladimir Savoshko 3Midfielder
4 Vladimir Senitsa 2Defender
38 Ivan Siletsky 1Goalkeeper
62 Oleg Stestkiv 1Goalkeeper
27 Strashkevich Vadim 2Defender
11 Ambrosiy Chachua 2Defender
35 Maryan Shved 4Striker
82 Stanislav Shtanenko 2Defender
91 Yuri Yastrub 3Midfielder

Team Info

  • Ukraine
  • Львов
  • Футбольный клуб "Карпаты" (Львов)
  • львы, зелёно-белые
  • 18.01.1963
  • 1963
  • Arena Lviv
  • Piotr Dyminsky
  • Khudobyak Ihor
  • Roman Sanzhar
  • http://www.fckarpaty.lviv.ua/
  • белый, зелёный
  • СКА "Карпаты" - 1982 -1989

Awards and achievements

Кубок СССР: 1969

Победитель Первой лиги СССР: 1970, 1979

Бронзовый призёр чемпионата Украины: 1998

Финалист Кубка Украины: 1993, 1999

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