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# Player Role
1 Patrick Platins 1Goalkeeper
3 Michael Stegmayer 2Defender
4 Aytac Sulu 2Defender
5 Benjamin Gorka 2Defender
6 Mario Vrancic 3Midfielder
7 Marco Sailer 4Striker
8 Jerome Gondorf 3Midfielder
9 Dominik Stroh-Engel 4Striker
10 Jan Rosenthal 4Striker
11 Tobias Kempe 3Midfielder
13 György Garics 2Defender
14 Sandro Wagner 4Striker
15 Júnior Díaz 2Defender
17 Sandro Sirigu 2Defender
18 Peter Niemeyer 3Midfielder
20 Marcel Heller 3Midfielder
23 Florian Jungwirth 3Midfielder
25 Yannick Stark 3Midfielder
27 Milan Ivana 3Midfielder
31 Christian Mathenia 1Goalkeeper
32 Fabian Holland 2Defender
33 Luca Caldirola 2Defender
34 Konstantin Rausch 2Defender
36 Jan Finger 2Defender
38 Nick Volk 3Midfielder
39 Noel Wembacher 2Defender

Team Info

  • Germany
  • Darmstadt
  • Sportverein Darmstadt 1898 e.V.
  • Лилии
  • 22.05.1898
  • 1898
  • Merck-Stadion am Bollenfalltor
  • Klaus Rudiger Fritsch
  • Aytac Sulu
  • Torsten Frings
  • http://www.sv98.de/

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