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# Player Role
1 Chihradze Aleksandr 1Goalkeeper
2 Ershov Ivan 2Defender
4 Otyuckiy Andrey 2Defender
5 Okorochkov Valentine Serg. 3Midfielder
6 Aslan Dzeytov 3Midfielder
7 Artur Minosyan 3Midfielder
14 Kobenko Andrey 3Midfielder
15 Evgeniy Kaleshin 2Defender
18 Hleb Odinokih 2Defender
19 Richard Korketty 2Defender
20 Ruslan Surodin 3Midfielder
21 Vladislav Aksutyenko 4Striker
24 Miroshnichenko Sergey 2Defender
25 Demenko Max 3Midfielder
26 Georgy Smurov 4Striker
27 Oleynik Alexander 3Midfielder
28 Arthur Grigoryan 4Striker
29 Aleksey Abramov 3Midfielder
30 Sidyaev Andrej 2Defender
31 Roman Monarev 4Striker
33 Kolesnikov Andrey 2Defender
50 Nikita Vasiliev 3Midfielder
56 Viktor Zemchenkov 4Striker
75 Lozhkin Andrey 2Defender
79 Alexandr Plotnikov 1Goalkeeper
83 Ury Kulagin 2Defender
86 Evgeniy Shpedt 2Defender
88 Marat Ksanaev 3Midfielder
89 Sergey Sukasyn 1Goalkeeper
3 Tarakanov Egor 2Defender
8 Belkov Konstantin 2Defender
9 Horbushyn Dmytro 3Midfielder
10 Karatlyashev Zhumaldin 4Striker
11 Dorozhkin Denis 4Striker
13 Burlakov Vitaly 4Striker
16 Alexander Agapov 1Goalkeeper
17 Ushenin Andrey 3Midfielder
22 Zaseev Aslan 2Defender
23 Igor Kaleshin 2Defender
55 Vladimir Gogberashvili 3Midfielder
77 Pavel Esikov 4Striker
99 Rustam Balov 3Midfielder

Team Info

  • Russia
  • ЗАО Футбольный клуб "Черноморец" Новороссийск
  • Бело-синие, моряки
  • 1907
  • Tsentralnyj (Novorossijsk)
  • Anatoli Shmachkov
  • Belkov Konstantin
  • Igor Cherniy

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