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Team squad

# Player Role
1 Sergio Rochet 1Goalkeeper
16 Gino Coutinho 1Goalkeeper
25 Nick Olij 1Goalkeeper
31 Koen Bucker 1Goalkeeper
2 Mattias Johansson 2Defender
3 Jeffrey Gouweleeuw 2Defender
4 Jan Wuytens 2Defender
5 Rajko Brezancic 2Defender
14 Jop Van Der Linden 2Defender
23 Derrick Luckassen 2Defender
24 Ridgeciano Haps 2Defender
32 Levi Opdam 2Defender
33 Pantelis Hatzidiakos 2Defender
34 Joris Kramer 2Defender
35 Guus Van Weerdenburg 2Defender
42 Jelle Hopman 2Defender
6 Celso Fabián Ortiz Gamarra 3Midfielder
8 Joris van Overeem 3Midfielder
10 Markus Henriksen 3Midfielder
17 Ben Rienstra 3Midfielder
19 Dabney Souza 3Midfielder
20 Thom Haye 3Midfielder
26 Stijn Spierings 3Midfielder
36 Alexander Sigurdarson 3Midfielder
38 Thomas Ouwejan 3Midfielder
40 Jeremy Helmer 3Midfielder
43 Viktor Karl Einarsson 3Midfielder
7 Guus Hupperts 4Striker
9 Alireza JahanBakhsh 4Striker
11 Muamer Tankovic 4Striker
18 Vincent Janssen 4Striker
21 Robert Muhren 4Striker
22 Achille Vaarnold 4Striker
29 Fernando Lewis 4Striker
37 Nick Doodeman 4Striker
39 Joël Donald 4Striker

Team Info

  • Netherlands
  • Alkmaar
  • Alkmaar Zaanstreek
  • Сырные фермеры
  • 10.05.1967
  • 1967
  • AFAS Stadion
  • René Neelissen
  • Ron Vlaar
  • John van den Brom
  • белый, красный

Awards and achievements

Чемпион Голландии (2): 1980/81, 2008/09
Обладатель Кубка Голландии (4): 1977/78, 1980/81, 1981/82, 2012/13
Победитель Первого дивизиона (2): 1995/96, 1997/98

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