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Fath Union Sp. Rabat (last 20 matches: +12 =5 -3)
  • 05.03.2012
    Fath Union Sp. Rabat 2:1 Kac De Kenitra GNDF
  • 25.02.2012
    Difaa Hassani Jdidi 1:1 Fath Union Sp. Rabat GNDF
  • 18.02.2012
    Fath Union Sp. Rabat 0:0 Wydad Casablanca GNDF
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Forces Armee Royales (last 20 matches: +6 =8 -6)
  • 09.03.2012
    Forces Armee Royales 1:0 Waf Widad Fez GNDF
  • 03.03.2012
    Itihad Khemisset 0:0 Forces Armee Royales GNDF
  • 24.02.2012
    Forces Armee Royales 2:1 Olympique Safi GNDF
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Matches between teams

Fath Union Sp. Rabat: wins: 2, draws: 0, defeats: 3
Forces Armee Royales: wins: 3, draws: 0, defeats: 2
  • 06.11.2011
    Forces Armee Royales 1:2 Fath Union Sp. Rabat Groupement National de Football
  • 28.04.2011
    Forces Armee Royales 0:2 Fath Union Sp. Rabat Groupement National de Football
  • 12.12.2010
    Fath Union Sp. Rabat 0:1 Forces Armee Royales Groupement National de Football
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