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Results of the championship Uruguay online. Primera Clausura Uruguay.

First championship of the Uruguayan football was held in 1900, when it competed in just four teams. Some time after the founding, the League was renamed in Example A.

As for the number of participants, this indicator in the period 1915-1998 years ranged between 10 and 14 (with the exception of steel 1923-1928 and 1981). Record number of teams was during the championship 1923, when their number reached 32.
Since 1999 the number of football clubs began to fluctuate in the range from 15 to 18.

A large number of Amateur clubs that play in small towns, have teamed together to create a professional team, now occupying good positions in the standings.

As for the national team of Uruguay, she is currently listed as the most renowned football teams in the world. This is evidenced by the results online tournaments where players from this country often delight their fans and score goals. Now Uruguayans have already two wins at the world Championships, which took place in 1930 and 1950; two wins, had brought from the Olympic games, 15 from the America's Cup; and one of the Gold Cup (1981).

Learn more about soccer Uruguay, as well as monitoring the recent victories of the national team of the country through online streaming at our website.

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