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Football the championship of Russia. Premier League - keep track of all the matches on one site, online.

Russian football Premier League – an organization that combines professional football clubs in Russia's top division. Created the Premier League was back in 2001, and since 2002, the organization conducting the championship of Russia on football. The organization's third grade soccer tournament in Russia – Second division of Russia on football – is engaged in the Professional football League. PFL was established in 1992.

The second division is divided into five zones on a geographical basis: «West», «Center», «Ural-Povolzhye», «South» and «East». In 2015, a decision was made about the revival of PFL Cup. This is an annual event held in mid-November among Amateur teams of the second division.

Professional football clubs and Amateur teams who win at the regional competition LFL, will battle for the Cup of Russia on football. The winner of the Cup before the start of next season will play against the champion of Russia for the right of possession of the Supercup of the country.

Already know the schedule of matches of the Premier League, Championship first division and second division 2015/16, so You can follow your favorite teams game now! Portal is a handy resource, allowing you to see the results of commands in a convenient for You time. Our site covers the matches of the youth championship of Russia on football, so You will always have at hand the information about the young players.

On You have a unique ability to read text coverage of the Premier League matches, as well as to see the results of the Championship FNL, the Junior League and second division matches. For each of the tournaments is available standings that are updated online. The site provides a preview of the applications teams and game schedule for the upcoming season. We encourage You to join in the fan club, as well as to bet on matches and participate in the prediction contest where you can win real money. The championship will give You unforgettable emotions and pride for the Russian football!

A large-scale competition between the clubs of the Russian Premier League!

The championship of Russia on football among the teams of the Premier League once again prepares to collect fans on football fields and TV screens. The season 2015/16 will be held in a traditional, in Russia the principle of «autumn-spring». Starts the championship of Russia on July 17 at the «Otkrytie Arena» match «Spartak» – «Ufa». We can view a text translation of football matches and supporting their favorite teams. The main intrigue of the season will be the question whether Zenit to defend the title, or Moscow clubs will contribute to the final disposition.

16 clubs will compete among themselves to challenge the title of the strongest team of Russia. According to the regulations, the championship of Russia on football is held in two rounds on the principle «everyone with everyone». The teams ranked 15th and 16th place out in FNL. Those clubs that is a 13-th and 14-th place, will play two transitional match with the teams finishing the season 3rd and 4th place in the Championship FNL. Our portal will hold a text translation of matches of the championship of Russia and the Championship of FNL. So it will be possible to monitor the results of the matches of the second division and youth teams.

St. Petersburg «Zenith» will try to defend the title, and the football club «Krasnodar» will make another attempt to break through by the end of the season in the Champions League. We await another Derby between CSKA, Spartak, Lokomotiv and Dynamo. Grozny «Terek» intends to surprise us, and Kuban Krasnodar and Rubin Kazan wish to return to European competition. «Krylya Sovetov» from Samara, as well as Anzhi from Makhachkala returned to the Premier League and now we intend to fight «Ufa», Saransk «Mordovia», Perm «Amkar, Rostov and Yekaterinburg «Ural». Cheer for your favorite team and bet on her victory.

If You consider yourself an active supporter of the championship of Russia, join the fan club fans and become a cell of a large family of Russian football. Read text coverage of the championship of Russia on football on and let your team luck!

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