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Results of the championship Romania online. The first League and Romanian Cup

The last time the football Romania started to develop well, resulting in the number of enquiries has increased significantly. Thanks to our website you will not need to spend extra time searching for the answer to each question separately, as we have gathered all the necessary information in one place.

There is also information about the Romanian championship in football, the history of which begins in early 1909. Interestingly, prior to 2007, the championship was called the "Division A" and only after the season, which took place in that year, it was renamed the "First League". Just at that season sold a record number of tickets which was 1 657 602 units. On average, one game comes 5 417 spectators, all the others prefer to watch the online broadcast.

As online results show, most of the titles managed to get the football club Steaua, who was able in 1986 to win the European Cup.

To learn more about football clubs of Romania, to look at the standings, and also to discuss the results of the last game with other fans at our portal

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