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Results of the championship Poland online. Ekstraklasa, first League and Cup Poland

Football Poland - regular tournaments several times a year to show football teams, what they can do. Known Ekstraklasa championship, the winner has the opportunity to participate in the First League, was founded in 1927 and continues to be today.

Through our site you can watch the championship of Poland online broadcasting, which is always convenient for those who cannot be at home at the time of the game. Since there are cases when because of the important things I have even broadcast, we on its website to present online the results of the Championships of Poland, allowing you to always be abreast of the latest news.

The tournament table of the championship of Poland provide an opportunity to see what place is this or another football team and who has more chances to become a winner.

Whatever your interest is, the results of the matches of the first League, the Ekstraklasa Cup or on our portal there is a League table with all the results of games. A calendar showing the dates of upcoming tournaments will not let you miss any important game.

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