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Football championship England. Premier League, championship track all the games on one site, online.

The championship of England football is considered one of the strongest not only in Europe but throughout the world. The strongest division of the English League is the Premier League. The official sponsor is Barclays Bank, in connection with the tournament officially called Premier League Barclays. Outside of England, the tournament is called the English Premier League. The competition involved 20 clubs. Matches are held according to the principle everyone with everyone. The club at the end of the season will get more than the number of points becomes the champion of England, the three worst teams have to leave the Premier League for the next season to play in the championship.

The championship is the second leading football League England after the Premier League. The three best teams get the right next season to play in the strongest division of England, the three worst eliminated from the championship, going into the First League.

Any English fan can get past the FA Cup. This tournament is the official name for the challenge Cup the Football Association, or simply FA Cup. In the tournament take part 762 of the team, and the current holder of the trophy is Arsenal. Less prestigious, but no less interesting is the English League Cup. In the English League Cup takes part 92 of the club, and the latest winner is Chelsea from London.

The championship of England football 2015/16 kicks off August 8 at 17:00 Moscow time. Chelsea, led by Jose Mourinho, will make every effort to protect the title, and the Manchester United and Manchester City will try to spoil the plans of the special. London clubs Arsenal and Tottenham will try to be to improve on last year's results, Liverpool for the first time in many years will have to fight without the legendary captain Steven Gerrard.

Our site provides freely available information on the calendar of games of the championship England FA Cup and English League Cup. Convenient standings on the website will allow You in real time to monitor the position of teams in the English championship. At any time You can go to our website and make a prediction for the match of the Premier League, as well as to make a bet on a football match.

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