Stadium: Badenova-Stadion
Second Half
The final whistle. A draw is fixed at "Badenova-Shtadion." Final score - 2-2.

C was Tsapkin you Ivan. See you on the portal. Take care of yourself.
Additional time
One minute of the second half.
Pizarro decided to show off his technique on the flank. So he went in against three defenders obygrysh, but lost the ball. This was predictable. But the tribunes applauded him. Daredevil, what else to say.
See out the match both teams. Probably will be a draw. I made a mistake early in the second half. It is a pity, I would like to see more balls are pocketed, but not destined. But there are still four-ri minutes.
I did not even know what to talk with you. Oh, let's take a brief review of the stadium. The match takes place on the football arena "Badenova-Shtadion." It is located in the city of Freiburg, as well as the name of the club. And its capacity of 25,000. A small, but the city is not particularly large.
When will we see shots, tell me please. Most teams have a game went wrong. Only the center of the field we see in the game. Goalkeepers with such success zadremlyut or freeze. The portal requires moments and goals.
Yellow card
I told you that he actively joined in the game. Kalidzhiuri received a "yellow card" for the failure of the opponent's attacks. It was from him and pass on the wing, but now and card. It remains only to score a goal in the "outside game" to climb.
Draw at halftime, but could be a draw after the second half, I do not think, but time is less and less. Probably the two goals we did not see, but one - everything is possible.
But the previous match between these teams was not as colorful. Never paint. Then the "Freiburg" and "Bremen" broke the world is not scoring a single goal is not to each other.
We calmed down a game. Moments at this time. Let us recall how these teams played in the previous round. The home team lost on the road, "Mainz" 3-2, but the players of the football club "Werder Bremen" in his field, tied with "Bayer".
Fine entered the game Kalidzhiuri. Now he has been in the attack. He received the ball on the right flank, and rode a bike on it, and then made the chamber into the penalty area but the defender was able to stop this danger. He passed beyond the line of the projectile field. Out for the hosts.
Yellow card
Yendrishek slammed an opponent's legs in the center of the field. We ended the arbitrator verbal warning - yellow card.
There was a change in these minutes. Schmid left the football pitch. Instead, Kalidzhiuri. Substitution of position has occurred here.
That's it. We have already seen four scored goals. But I am sure this team does not stop. There will be a goal, and maybe even two. We'll see, but now draws will not be exact, I promise you.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-N! 2.2! Compare the expense of the owners.
Cool moment of the players, "Bremen". Rosenberg showed the Brazilian technique. Beat it in someone else's punishment, and the defenders with his left foot sent the ball to the far corner (right), but the goalkeeper in a great leap saved his team and gave her a chance to tie, and maybe win.
And here is yet another replacement. Only in a different team. Fritz went on vacation, but instead Marco Marin.
Footballers' Verdara "at the moment simply forced to defend themselves, they rarely go on the attack. Simply "drying" the score, which is valid in their favor. To say that the game they win, it is impossible, but then decide everything from the scoreboard, and while he was in favor of the guests.
And here came the changes in the compositions of play. Putilo Anton has left the football pitch. Instead, Stefan Reisinger.
Yellow card
Mehmet Ekici received a "yellow card" for the failure of the attack. This is the second card in an active football club "Werder Bremen".
And now the author of two goals against "Freiburg" got to his feet in the center of the field. A lot of offense, very much. Do not even forced to foul you and I have seen.
Here is the beginning of the second half, we have followed. Players have scored a quick goal, "Bremen" and I thought that it was again going to be very boring, but it was not there. Looking further, as will wave events.
2 goals - double
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-N! 2.1! Goal scoring players from the locker room, "Bremen". Double draws Pizarro. Good for you, he famously played in this moment. He received a pass from partner split and broke out on a date with the goalkeeper, and without any problems outplayed him.
Second half has began
The second half began.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Break. Score at halftime - 1:1.
Already, fans rose to their feet. We hear the whistle of the "Badenova-Shtadion." Audiences crave dangerous moments. And so are we.
In the center of the field see out the team this time. Very soon there will be a scroll at the break. That and waiting for players.
Absolutely we do not see dangerous moments at the gate. Even the shocks. Dull football at the end of the first half. In the beginning - it is boring at the end - even boring.
Slightly less than ten minutes to play teams in the first half. After two goals scored, we did not see the dangerous moments. Teams just see out time. Perhaps things will be gone. And very much want to see very much. We can not wait.
In two minutes we saw two goals scored. So I was wrong at the beginning of the match. More than one goal scored the team already, and now I'm more than three us securely. Beauty, not football.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-N! Compare the expense of the owners. Yes, yes, compare. Cedric Makiadi scored. A corner kick earned the hosts on the left flank. Followed by a canopy in the area goalie and Makiadi no problem funneling the ball into the net. 1-1 on the scoreboard.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-N! Pizarro!! Anti-hero to hero. Handsome!
Yellow card
Pizarro. receives a "yellow card" for rough play its part. You have to be careful, because the injuries are not wanted.
Cool look footballers "Freiburg" in the attack, very cool. Fans like this game. It is now a wave went around the stadium, "Badenova-Shtadion."
The frame is the gate for guests. Yes, it saves them from the frame of a missed goal. The goalkeeper was already powerless. Putilo received the ball from a partner in the 15 meters from the gate and severely struck on goal, but the cross was saved, "Bremen". Advocates of in shock, where they were at this time. I guess now it says the same, and their goaltender partners.
A corner kick earned a masters. Cool now they are being attacked, I really like, but while these attacks are unsuccessful. And, we're about the corner. Canopy area was goalkeeper, a defender was first on the ball and knocked on the right foot Makiadi, who struck from the penalty above the gate. Ranging what else to say.
A free-kick earned a masters in 30 meters from the gate. Flyum decided to fulfill this standard, but it would be better if he gave it to his partner. Horrible rally came up with this half, in the end - the ball at the "Bremen".
And now again a slight lull before the storm can be? Perhaps this attack and end? Let's see, we'll see. Center of the field came to us in the game.
As I said, only a counterattack. Now it is cool obtained. In a positional attack the whole team went to visit, but then a small crop in the center of the field, and football players, "Freiburg," ran three in three. Through the left flank was a sequel, Schmid made a shot along the goal, but none of the partners did not have time to close the transfer.
That is now gone attacks. Both teams are accustomed to a classroom atmosphere in the stadium. Most guests are attacking, they are trying to play the first number. And the owners will work solely on counterattacks.
The first position "outside game" captures the referee. Schmid was in it after the shot from the left flank. Well today, a linear effect, while errors on it, we do not observe.
And here's a cool response from the owners of the football field. Putilo joined the attack, got the ball 25 meters from the gate, and sent him greatly, but slightly missed their intended target, but it was very dangerous.
Momentische! That's the first moment, and classy. Tribull made a cool shot from the left flank, but Pizarro was unable to reach a shell game. But it could also be a goal. Can now go moments, I really hope this is.
Dull football show both teams at the beginning of the match. Not at all dangerous moments, and really want to see them. Slightly less than ten minutes, both teams played. Most active center of the field now.
But already the first attack. Shed from the left flank of Rosenberg's, but none of the partners could not support the partner. Thus, the ball is already the owners. Now they begin their attack. Let's see what it will end.
Just do not go on the attack team. Likely, both coaches have relied only on defense. So you can already make a small output. Goals scored today will be very small. Probably will decide the fate of the match scored by a ball. I wish I could be wrong, of course.
Quite active, both teams started the match. So far, little own the masters of great advantage, as they are now very long and hard playing ball in the center of the field.
First time has began
The referee blows the whistle, who alerted us to the fact that the first half began. Good luck to the teams. Let the best man win.
First Half
Dear football fans! Website LiveResult.Ru in partnership with Euro-resource Futbol.Ru offer to your attention straight text translation of the game "Freiburg" - "Bremen". In the "commentary booth" Tsapkin Ivan.
Hi all, fans of German football. Today we will go with you in Freiburg, where in the game there are 20 rounds - "Freiburg" and "Bremen". With you in this match, I'll follow, I Shnyakin Alexander

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