Stadium: Stadio Artemio Franchi
Second Half
The final whistle. No players were able to "Udinese" even the score. The hosts extracted strong-willed victory in this match. For his work, they get three points in the standings. Final score - 3-2.

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Additional time
2 minutes for the second half.
We saw five goals in this match. High School Football show both teams. Personally, I'm curious whether the "Udinese" even the score? What do you think? Very little time is left, but there is always a chance. Look, look.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-N!! No, no. There are no victories. Were able to score another goal the players' Udinese. " Solemnly scores. Di Natale was back in the spotlight. He took over the defense, and then gave the ball to the hidden solemnly that he no longer had room for error. 3-2.
By the way, another standard in the gate brought the same players, who broke the rules in the first episode. Benat - anti-hero game. Good for you, fame.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-N! 1.3! Jovetić! Double! Jovetić not become wise and shot from the left on a corner. The ball in the net. "Fiorentina" produces strong-willed victory in the "Artemio Franchi".
The second penalty kick in the gates "Udinese". Probably due to be 3-1. And that's all over.
No moment is our game. As the saying goes, swing started on the football field. First, one team tries to carry out his attack, then another, but in the center of the field, these attacks come to an end.
Jovetić himself decided to fulfill this standard, but it turned out he is not very accurate. He got into a "wall", in which stood three players, "Udinese" and then went round the corner kick, which did not bring anything dangerous.
Very little time was left the game players in the second half. Meanwhile Jovetić earned a free-kick for his team in the 30 meters from the gate. Let's see who will perform.
Di Natale-e-ee! Class! It was necessary to compare the account you need. Received a pass from striker partner with odinnadtsatimetrov outweighed goalkeeper but the goalkeeper was able to save on the gate of a tie.
And here's another change in the ratings. Busta left the football field. Cool name for a football player. I like it. And instead of him solemnly.
1 - 5 - is the statistics on the offside. All the time in this position player got "Udinese" - Di Natale.
Yellow card
By the way, on the 57th minute of the "yellow card" was Riccardo Montolivo for the failure of the opponent's attacks.
By the way, in a match of the tour "Roma" wins "Inter" 3-0. High School football team show there, but we do even better. After all the intrigue alive, and there is not.
One on one out Di Natale, but the goalkeeper to beat he could not, but if I scored, it was still the "sidelines." Cool moment, but all the interrupt line.
Meanwhile, the replacement of the guests. Floro Flores has left the football pitch, but instead Abdi Alma. Probably injury prevented to continue playing football player.
It may now be repeated by the first circle? What do you think? I think that the owners do not miss this victory. Of course, not really deserved a goal they scored. Guests more attacked, all went to 0:2, but now it's different.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-N!! Clog the owners and go ahead! Cassani! 2.1! The failure in the defense of the guests. Shed from the right flank, and Cassani head scoring the second goal of the gate, "Udinese".
By the way, I forgot to say. The first match between these teams ended in favor of "Fiorentina." Then wards Mikhailovich won 2-1.
Some violations of the rules. Let's take a moment and not foul. There are no dangerous moments, recall statistics. The previous owners have won the match, "Siena" on this football field with a score of 2-1. On the same score, "Udinese" played with "Lecce".
Too many marriages on the part of both teams. This is not happy, to be honest. It is not necessary in our fouls. Here for example is now Lazzari rough play. You have to be careful, and even second card will show the judge.
No replacement has begun the second half. So teachers rely on their artists, which they put up with the start of the match. About the replacement to the 60 th minute, you can forget. I think so.
Second half has began
The second half began.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Absolutely nothing dangerous happening at the moment. Teams just see out the first half. All the thoughts they have in the locker room and listen to instructions from the coach.
Additional time
3 minutes for the first time.
Pascual got the legs to the center of the field. Not satisfied with the decision of the arbitrator, he wanted it, he showed the card to the offender, but the referee is good today.
Now Di Natale could score the second goal against the hosts and execute a double. With the penalty, he sent the ball to the left "nine", but the goalkeeper managed to parry the blow. Cool blow turned out at the attacker.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-N! Jovetić! Decided not to split hairs with the standard Stefan. Just broke it in the center of the gate. The goalkeeper fell to the right on a corner. Owners were able to equalize through a course of the first half.
Penalty guests at the gate. Benat played not by the rules in his own penalty.
The main center of the field at the moment. 50% - 50% - possession of the ball. Of course, I do not agree with these figures. Guests hold them longer, but the statistics do not argue. Who knows how they make it.
A little over ten minutes left to play teams. Rather sharply attacked the guests, but the owners did not get in the attack. It was not hit them on goal Handanovič, while a "Udinese" has already had two cool moment after scoring a goal.
Cool moment of the attacker was "Udinese". Everything goes to the second goal scored at the gate owners. Di Natale received the ball near the penalty spot and began to throw the goalkeeper, but Boruc with great difficulty moved the ball to a corner kick.
Once again, the "offside" the arbitrator fixes the line, but not the author's goals, while the second attacker - Floro Flores.
Only two goals in all matches of this round was scored for 28-min myoglobin. Most teams do not want to score. And now the big players have gone forward by the "Fiorentina". They need to win back in this match, but so far it does not reach to strike.
The main referee - Paolo Mazzoleni. This year, he worked for a championship match. In which showed five yellow cards. Let's see how this manifests itself today, the referee in this match.
And again in an offside position falls by a point is scored. Antonio took the ball on the penalty was ready to punch, but the line referee lit flag.
Yellow card
And the card will also be today. Where do without it. Lazzari a dream opponent in the center of the field received a "yellow card".
The "outside game" captures laytsmen. The author got the only goal in it. He does not agree with the referee, but you can not argue with him. You can get the card and the.
But in the central match of the tour, "Roma" scores the goal of "Inter". Juan was able to distinguish himself in fights.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-N! 0-1! Beauty! Antonio Di Natale was able to distinguish himself at the beginning of the match. Scoring a quick goal guests. Well done. Cool striker scored a goal and at the same time, Captain. Error in host defense and Antonio pulls out on a date with the keeper and without any problems it throws.
Defenders are pretty tight at the beginning of the match. None of the teams did not want to cede center field, but while the owners are trying to play the first number and it is they do not quite bad. Meanwhile, just under 15 minutes played a team, though, and actively started, but without the dangerous moments. And it's not very happy.
But already the players, "Udinese" went on the attack. They passed through the center of the field and all this is over. Pintsi lost the ball against a defender on the left flank of the attack. Look at the response to the hosts.
Incidentally, in the camp, "Udinese" great atmosphere prevails, because the players of this team is very popular among journalists. This fact certainly makes a lot of emotional strength.
Once again, the attack was "Fiorentina." Lazzari was already there. On the left flank, he made a pass, but eventually lost the ball against a defender. That's the first time in the game enter the goalkeeper, "Udinese" - Samir Handanovič.
Jovetić picked up the ball on the right wing, passed to his two rivals have already done a shed in the penalty guests, but the projectile was blocked by the defenders. The result - the hosts out for the football field.
Today's tour has already been opened, in which the "Genoa" took "Litsio", and the hosts were able to snatch victory from the visitors 3-2. Was an interesting match, I will tell you. I advise you to reconsider.
Quite active, both teams started the match. So far, little own guests a great advantage, as they are now very long and hard playing ball in the center of the field.
First time has began
The referee blows the whistle, who alerted us to the fact that the first half began. Good luck to the teams. Let the best man win.
First Half
Football players have appeared on the football field. All ready to start the match. Soon it will suck.
Lineups teams playing today, you can see in the "About the game."
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