Stadium: Imtech Arena
High School was a match, thanks to the teams for playing! "Bavaria" again can not take away 3 points from Hamburg and Bayern lose their lead in the table. Another draw in this round, but deserved win that one team that is different. Together with you over the course of the meeting followed Artem Baranov. Goodbye and good luck!
Second Half
Knut Kircher bold access to the records by a whistle 1-1 in this match. Draw!
Olic broke the run from outside the box with the left leg above the gate. In my opinion, it was the last touch of the ball players of the club in Munich today.
Ends the game "Bavaria" in the attack, but no one dares to complete the stroke attack.
Yarolim away from the field, Teshe released under the award, they say.
Additional time
2 minutes Kircher added. Will there be a storm? It does not seem - bounces "Hamburg" beats.
Like, holding the ball "Bavaria" and make the most of this can not be anything dangerous. Yes, nothing at all! Creative flanks of the Munich club, there is little that show.
"Zakiduha" Schweinsteiger found the head of Olic, but there was no one to throw, and came down defenders like mosquitoes at a tourist.
Robben ruined, to be honest, the attack "Bavarian", too many takes on Arjen. In most games, it brings a result, today - not yet.
Emboldened the owners - a position under attack. The climax of the attack was "offside" Ilichevicha. In my opinion, the first in the match.
Well, here guests will play a penalty, preferring to feed. But still lose the ball, and "Hamburg" Sona efforts already in the penalty Noyer. However, two of Alabai Badshtuber and easily picked the ball from Korean.
Guerrero caught the ball and forcing fouls on themselves. And playing the standard, sent the ball left the hosts, Jansen shot along the goal, but Alabai interrupted this broadcast, and there was already waiting for sleep bomb, ready to plunge it in the net.
Robben certainly want to take away the laurels of the selfish egoist in Munich Ribery. Arjen got the ball on the right side and began to twist-voditsya, trying to find the time to strike, despite the general partners. Only when the threat has lost its position, the incident rays strike a Schweinsteiger, Bastian, and gasped with 25 meters into the top corner, not quite hitting CCT-bit!
He fell at the time of sleep, the whistle was silent, and "Bavaria" - no. Not silent, rushing forward guests.
Guerrero earned a corner, ran away with the ball in the corner of the field, Boateng is not allowed in the penalty shoot Peruvian.
And again, Ribery - selfishness, of course, the cool thing for a football player, but in moderation. Everything is good in moderation. Overexposed uniquely French ball.
Fast action game went. And Kircher gives the play, turning a blind eye to petty fouls, boldly rushes forward Munich club, Ribery is found in the penalty does not want to ignore all partners.
It's crazy! Just came Ilichevich, clocked two and a pass in the cool vydil incision in Sona, who prokinul ball past Neuer, went to the front line with an acute angle struck the corner! Do not hit! A hit would be - there would not give Lam the ball in any way to cross the tape.
Fink makes the replacement: Ilichevich Sala out instead.
Olic knocked Rincon 25 meters from the gate. This time closer to the right edge of the ball is set.
Rushes to score the "Bavaria" the second goal. Robben's favorite trick is demonstrated to all - has shifted, broke. "Do not hit at this time, get to the other" - Arben thought.
Between the angular and bare replacement occurred in the hosts. Hyung-Min Son came out instead of Petrich. Recently, I have noticed that the change to standard - unfortunately.
GO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Ivica Olic compares the expense! Tossed the ball to the goalkeeper, rebounded to Olic, well, a Croat from two meters Bazhenov shows how to beat the empty net. 1.1!
Fractional! What is a Czech! Lace attack led to a wonderful guest Robben grazing on the far left to the right, and Mueller beat touches, it seems, for accuracy, but the fractional miraculously touched the ball by hand - a corner!
Well, that's progress - a wall threw Petrich. With the power, though not calculated - above the gate. Tossing the ball from one side of the field to another. It is evident that they want to play the correct ball to Bayern. The home team will rely only on the standards and counterattacks.
Now turn to "Hamburg" to execute the penalty. On the left edge of three meters from the penalty area. For left-handers - the most it.
Honestly, I thought to replace Olic Gomez - can not see Mario. Though, his many, perhaps all, criticized, that is urine, and he scores and scores.
Ribery was again at the shock position and cracked the ball hard, but just at the goalkeeper. Although the second attempt, but the ball fixed fractional.
Corner gates Noyer, a long time since there was no moment for scoring the "Bavaria".
The second change of the "Bavaria". And here's Olic. Ivica Kroos came instead.
"The stability, confidence, quality" - says the advertising slogan of one of the companies. Kroos steady pounding on the wall a second time.
Yellow card
Rincon knocked Ribery two meters from his own penalty. In the first half strike flew into the wall.
Replacement of the guests. Alabai out instead of Tymoshchuk. Interestingly, interestingly, we watch as they say.
Yellow card
Kroos has not given Jacopo Sala to escape to peel and coarsely shot down an Italian. Concrete yellow card in this episode may be perhaps that the defense of the Russian national team.
Mueller is traveling from the flank to flank, but so far it does not bring results. I think it will be released soon Olic. Gomez got lost somewhere. Maybe it did not come out after the break?
Ribery struck from the penalty but the ball got stuck at the foot of a defender, was out on the corner of the goalie. Kiper was faster in the second and Mueller took over a shell.
When a team of top-level players do not get the game, they are increasingly taking over the game, forgetting about the actions of the team. Let's see how the staff behave Haynkesa.
Yellow card
Guerrero knocked Boateng in midfield. It would be just a foul, but all kind of Guerrero during the fall showed that there should be just a card. Kircher agreed.
Petrich intercepted a weak pass to Robben, right to dispose of it could not have lost the ball.
More than 50,000 fans into ecstasy by what he saw singing songs of praise in support of their club. And the club at this time forced to be locked up in his penalty area under a hail of attacks, "Bavaria."
Noyer has launched a very long hand ball on the left flank, where Lam said: "Express Yourself, Ribery!" - And ran the Frenchman to the curb. Dikmayer only a fraction of a second ahead of Ribery. Out.
Too try to visit. Many of marriage from both sides. Guerrero wrestled alone with Boateng and earned nearly the maximum that could in this situation - trapped on the right edge of the - out. Maximum, as you know, would have been the corner.
Fan has developed an attack guests, the ball passed from left to right, until it reached Robben. The player in the Dutch national team .... smtestilsya but not in the center, and in the front line and with .... but again did not have guessed, with the right foot shot. One thing remains unchanged - foot Westermann. Angle only earned Bayern.
Let me remind you that the seven halves can not beat the "Bavaria" in this stadium. Is the eighth.
A slight pause in the game, assisted by the player, "Hamburg", Tymoshchuk overdone in the heat of battle.
Sala! Almost a carbon copy turned out when opened by the owners. It also fell right edge of the Bayern defense, and Sala was again alone, Petrich led the way as for a two center-backs. At this time, the Italian missed the target. It was dangerous.
Substitutions in there. And why should they? Who is likely to worsen the "Bavaria"? And why should the owners to change something, if they are 1-0?
Second half has began
Knut Kircher smashing trill takes us into the second half of this exciting match.
Second Half
First Half
Statistics of the first half comfortably situated in the eponymous tab.
Half time
Kircher and sends commands to rest. An excellent first half, great speed, all in anticipation of the second half. We have a rest!
Broke the Frenchman. Framed him Dikmayer body, pushed Frank Ribery and began to raise his voice to actively work with your hands, releasing the steam from his mouth, as if the pressure inside the dumping, as does a steam locomotive.
Ribery missed the ball and in the heat of battle drove the defender's legs.
A little time left before the end of the first half, the hosts are openly on hold, trying to catch on the counterattack. Bayern ready to break the enemy, but does not work yet.
Right edge of the attack, "Hamburg", fidgeted Wickmayer and lost the ball, which immediately was taken to the center of the field, Mueller addressed the projectile to the right. If Thomas did not, he would have Robben ran and took the ball. Arjen moved to center and struck in protivohod fraction, but missed the goal.
Took a respite visit. This is understandable - not at a pace in the current form of attack as 90 minutes.
Yarolim in the center of the field came on foot Schweinsteiger, knocks the ball.
The corner there, the corner here. Zakormili angular Bayern, Noyer-farming in the central circle is ready to run to score. It feels like going 92-minute.
Kroos shot down, overexposed, Tony Ball, we had to part with the ball earlier, much earlier.
Guerrero, being in the penalty area caught on foot cross from a partner, beat Tymoshchuk, but came to the rescue Boateng helped obezmyachit Peruvian.
Muller brought the transfer of a free zone, Thomas Gomez to shoot through, and it happened to 1-1, if not the captain! Westermann leg Mario deprives another goal.
Were pressing the "Bavaria", pulled a huge force, just now, will bring the ball into the goal!
Aogo figured out Tymoshchuk and strongly lodged in the goalkeeper - the only ones waiting for the ball at that point, his hands were Noyer. Quick reply will be guests.
All awnings are flying into the hands of fractional. Everything. Poor horse while performing the transfer. Yes, actually, as the hosts.
Ribery earned another corner on the left side of his home. With such persistence, he stamps them as if he had bonuses in the contract for it spelled out.
And now to attack Guerrero broke the rules on Badshtubere, be more careful Peruvian - fled to the rendezvous with the Neuer.
Robben saved his strength for some time, with 20 meters to the exact center of vdarit like a cannon! Fractional fists moved the ball to the corner. Bayern crushes!
Gomez gossip raspihat all hosts in the penalty area, which is not out of the vigilant eyes of Kircher.
A "Hamburg" rushing and rushing, if the "Bavaria" will attack a large force, the free zones in the defense will be, respectively, more. And right Tymoshchuk, playing there for the big holidays. Fun will be short.
As I have said in the court: "The run on the ruble, a blow to the penny." So many preparations for the strike, and eventually the ball was sent into the wall.
Yellow card
Westermann brought down flying at full speed Gomez a meter away from the box. Card of the case.
Immediately rushed to recoup Bayern. While disappointing, "Hamburg" continues a tradition for them.
GOAL! Dzhakolo Sala! 0-1!
Robben has filed twice in a row from the right wing attack Munich, but both times the Dutch tried to idle.
And it is far more dangerous! Cutting defense led the owners to leave Gomez to the gate, "Hamburg", with a defender hanging on the back of Mario managed to break, the keeper came out of the gate, cut the angle of attack and the ball of his foot went to the corner.
Lam quickly threw the ball from side to Mueller, Thomas turned and shot into the near corner - Fractional on the spot!
Tymoshchuk cool otborolsya on his right flank and knocked the ball to the corner, beating Dzhakolo Sala.
Reply gamburgtsev resulted in the standard from the point near the corner flag, but nothing dangerous in the end did not happen.
It seemed to me that the ball flew into the goal after contact with the hand Boateng. Although Kircher whistled back in the moment of impact, then the referee saw something we do not see us.
A goal scored the "Bavaria", but Kircher does not count a goal. Whether Boateng scored his hand, or .. I do not know. Hard to see on the replay.
Franck Ribery has moved to the center, as he does it at lightning speed! Punched into the bottom corner of the goal, but played better Fractional Frenchman. Would have missed - played worse. Corner.
And here is the first corner at the gate of fractional. By the way, the pursuer Munich - "Borussia" from Mönchengladbach, now tied with "Wolfsburg", gaining the same amount of points that the "Bavaria". The word for "Bavaria."
Surprisingly, the "Bavaria," the last time taking away from Hamburg as much as 3 points at the end of 2006. After that, missed four games and scored 4 goals only once - in 2007 year.
Petrich received the ball on the 11-meter point, turned and shot with his left foot, but was Boateng. And then the ball was quickly taken to Robben, the Dutch moved to the center and tried to play stenochku with Gomez, but Mario does not get treatment goals.
Anatoliy Tymoshchuk now plays on the right edge. Haynkesa interesting move, but on the other hand - that he has left to do? Others injured or disqualified.
Ribery runs with no pants, but his hands are very cold. I read this week of his interview, said that by wearing two pairs of gloves. Ribery was eager to graze on his defender owners goalie, but pressure has failed - Fractional clearly knocked the ball differently.
TIME! Westermann after filing struck by Neuer, but Kroos, closing the bar, turned the ball over the field on the next corner.
Corner gates Noyer. It's cold in the "Hamburg", the steam goes out of his mouth players.
The ball flew in after a pass on his head Petritsch, who struck six meters into the top corner, but missed. Home is clearly a "Hamburg." They are active, they are dangerous, they are faster.
Boateng did fouls. Right edge of the developed attack hosts, and Jerome did not find anything more classy in his opinion. Hence it can be cool to hang the target.
Boateng in the subcategory is very dangerous on the ribbon of his penalty area. In response, lunge Rincon Robben knocked his elbow on the right brow 50 meters from the gate.
The home team played in white shirts and red shorts, "Bavaria" in a completely black form. Interestingly, almost all of the players of the club in Munich warm by wearing thermal underwear under the form of "Hamburg" playing tough guys, they do not need such things.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go!
First Half
All ready to start the match. The team captains (Westermann - hosts and Lam - Guests) in the company Knut Kircher playing "toss" when deciding who will hold the ball the first few seconds.
The teams settled down comfortably in the "About the game."
Hello to all fans of football and professionals. Saturday's program is the 20th round of the Bundesliga match ends with "Hamburg" - "Bavaria". Together with you over the course of the meeting will follow Artem Baranov.

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