Stadium: Etihad Stadium
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Manchester City" beat "Fulham" without any problems, creating a tension to his neighbors, who tomorrow will have a difficult match against London "Chelsea!"

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, and see you!
Our fight is coming to a close. In the next round of the wards, Roberto Mancini will meet with "Aston Villa" in Birmingham, and "Fulham" right at home with neustupnym "Stoke City".
Additional time
Dean added five minutes later gradually expire.
Richards, the irrepressible Mike pulled on the right flank, shot into the center of someone else's punishment, but there was Mark Schwarzer.
Pizarro's debut in T-shirt "Manchester City", he replaced Johnson.
"Fulham" had a great attack, was the transfer to a foreign penal bottom, Damien Duff struck the gate with his left foot - Joe Hart saved his team!
"Fulham" won only one match exit from eleven matches in the Premier League with a team of Martin Jol could not get three points on the "foreign area" in the last six meetings.
Marcel Getsov first appeared on the football field, a T-shirt "Fulham". Not the most enjoyable debut, I must say.
Instead Dembele out Getsov.
"Manchester City" can be considered and the home team. The team won all eleven matches of the Premier League to "Etihad Stadium" thirty-four scoring goals. The longest home winning streak in the league went to "Newcastle" of 1995-96gg. Then the team won thirteen games in a row.
Mike Richards intercepted the ball to someone else's half of the field, a line shifted to the free kick and shot on goal - round off to the nearest millimeter from the rack.
The first match of the teams, incidentally, ended with a score - 2:2. Then the "citizens" after winning the first half with the score - 0:2 due to the double of Sergio Aguero, and after the break, scored Bobby Zamora and Danny Murphy brought the "cottagers" one point.
Aguero in two matches against the "Fulham" scored three goals and an assist fulfilled one. He left the field, came Nigel De Jong.
Nigel De Jong will be in the last ten minutes or thirteen soccer game. Who will replace? Well, most likely, Gareth Barry.
ROD! Angle earned the players 'Fulham', Brian Ruiz shot from the right corner of the field at the near corner of the goalie, someone touched the bomb and set off on a long rack!
By the way, Mario Balotelli both rode in the VIP box after the goal Edin Dzeko, as if he put what Bosniak score the third goal. And now the guys out there eat.
Yellow card
Dembele and Kolarov received a yellow card for what started butting after the disputed point.
Instead Senderos came Riise.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Edin Dzeko! One of the most successful shopping Sheikh, no words! This is me about Sergio Aguero, who received the ball on the left flank, moved into someone else's penalty area, beat the player guests, close to the goalie, and then rolled into the area round the penalty spot, from Edin Dzeko has punched through the empty goal. 3-0!
Nothing interesting "citizens" from this corner is not noted. Continued the attack hosts, Aguero struck - hit the Senderos. It will be replaced in the next moment the guests in the meeting.
Mike Richards has accelerated on the right flank, carried the penalty shoot through the line, where a touch of Sergio Aguero struck - hit the opponent.
I think now we need to change the ball on the pink. Already the field all white, very little can be seen from the general plan, despite the fact that the ball is yellow.
"Manchester City" without Yaya Toure - a completely different team. For example, in the last round of "citizens" lost "Everton" on the road - 1:0. "Fulham", on the contrary - even in the two matches in a row does not tolerate defeat. He was beaten, "Newcastle" - 5:2 and split points with "West Brom".
Bryan Ruiz Dickson Etuhu went instead. This is the first change from Martin Jol.
Yellow card
And Senderos has also shown a yellow card. That's it. It is unfair, but oh well.
Kolarov broke above the gate of the standard. Now, it seems, again, the guys with shovels seem at the stadium.
And now a dangerous free kick at the gate, "Fulham". Senderos played fantastically, with the ball, then drove him in the leg Milner, but put the penalty away guests. Nonsense, of course. Lying on the lawn of Philip. He needed medical attention.
With standard Brede Hangeland has struck now - Joe Hart took the ball into his own ruchische. The shell was rolling gently on the lawn. No problem for the English keeper.
The first dangerous free kick will now be at the gate of the owners. Gareth Barry broke the rules by Clint Dempsey. Just six players, "Fulham," located next to the ball.
We ought to know, how are you in London with the weather. And it may be that the match "Chelsea" - "Manchester United" canceled. God forbid, of course.
Excellent in someone else entered the penalty area, Stephen Kelly, he executed the corner kick from thirteen feet - Joe Hart took the bomb into their gloves.
Referee our meeting - Mike Dean of Hesvolla. He worked for seventeen matches the English Championship, which showed fifty-nine yellow cards, once removed the player directly, and put seven penalty kick. Today was the eighth. That's it.
Shovels cleaned the stadium rectangles around the penalty area, "Fulham". Stopped the game. In principle, the procedure to us with your friend.
As you watch today, Pavel Pogrebnyak is not even in the application. He does not play the "Etihad Stadium" due to the completion of bureaucratic clearance procedures go to the camp of "gardeners". It happens, so to speak.
Mario Balotelli is in the VIP area "Etihad Stadium". He is serving his suspension, resulting in a match against "Tottenham". Without it, one more fight - and can already show off the field.
Yeah, instead of Nasri came Milner. It has been forecast, it's flattering, of course, to me, but oh well.
Sergio Aguero completed the race chic on the right flank, turned counter-attack three to four, but summed up the transfer in-law Diego Maradona. Silva could score, but it does not matter.
Even the hosts themselves, and not much running forward, rolling the ball on their half of the field. So, James Milner is preparing to appear on the field. Who will replace? It seems Adam. And there - we'll see. Maybe Nasri, in principle.
In England we have left two Russians. Transferred Pavel Pogrebnyak and Andrei Arshavin. I hope that Andrei Sergeyevich "Arsenal" will not be until the end of the season. Let go of "Anji". Reliable place in the starting lineup has its lure, and it can be to miss the European Championships so.
"Fulham" Pavel Pogrebnyak in the middle of the standings. The thirteenth place with twenty-seven points - not a bad result. In the event of victory, "gardeners" may rise by as much as the eighth place, if true, would lose their competitors.
Fifty minutes of the game behind. While "Fulham" has nothing to offer, perhaps the best and most attacking team in England championship this season.
By the way, some will move away from the green meadows, but we will not deviate from the topic ball. Tomorrow will be the final match of the World Hockey Championship with a ball. All cheer for Russia!
It is strange to be honest, that does not appear on the football field John Arne Riise, I thought that Chris Baird will replace it at half-time. But you can not blame Chris missed in the balls. They tried and partners, and Johnson's acting skills demonstrated at the best level.
I think the snowfall increased. Cool all sitting in the stands. By the way, changes in the break, we have not seen.
Second half has began
The second half kicked off! Come on, guys!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 2-0 - a fair result. In the meantime, rest, a break.
Eternal attacks "Manchester City" is hardly a surprise. At this time, Roberto Mancini suggested something Stefan Savic, who now, unfortunately for him, there was no time nakosyachil to complete.
Manchester children sit, mouth open, and catch snowflakes. Mom sees on TV at home is unlikely to pat on the head for such behavior.
Gradually comes to an end the first half, which was full of "Manchester City". Occasionally, when I am agree with the score, but now he is on the game.
Corner nothing interesting at the gate of Mark Schwarzer has not brought. Goalkeeper "Truckers" came out of the gate and took the ball in his glove. Absolutely no problems.
Edin Dzeko struck on goal from the penalty, but was in Breda Hangelandu, stelyaschegosya in the subcategory. Angle earned a masters.
1.5 shock at the target. But now the players have earned a corner, "Fulham", but his play did not work well. In a counterattack owners.
Sergio Aguero completed the transfer of the right flank, broke away from the defender, Adam Johnson, otpasoval again on the penalty line on Kuhn, who shot a foot from the left - Mark Schwarzer in the game to finish off a Silva but the Spanish playmaker, "Manchester City" was in offside.
"Citizens" is widely believed to have won the match, but it is not so simple. "Fulham" able to save after the fights of their own mistakes.
And here's Philippe Senderos has decided to break his goal line with the goalie after the shot from the right flank - Mark Schwarzer in the game.
So, here is the ominous statements. As soon as we have shown seated on a bench Jon-Arne Riise, who is now replaced by Chris Baird. That did not go to a game with defense counsel, "Fulham" today. Just do not go.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Adam Johnson!
It is dangerous to both! Damien Duff from the penalty with his left foot struck out a defender, the ball missed the far bar. That's Joe Hart could not help out.
The rain mixed with snow continues to go, getting the players, "Manchester City" exhibit at the speed dribble.
Adam Johnson broke through on goal with twenty-four feet with his left foot - the ball went a meter away from near the bar. Mark Schwarzer in the game.
"Manchester City" is in first place in the standings, but in the back wards of breathing is Sir Alex Ferguson. In "urban" is a great opportunity to break away, considering that the "red devils" tomorrow will have to play in the central match weekend against the "Chelsea".
Aguero in someone else figured out the penalty with his rival, transfer closer to the penalty from which the left leg broke David Silva - a millimeter to the far corner.
Gradually, got on another half of the field "vacationers", followed by a canopy in the penalty Joe Hart Moussa Dembele on, but not reached the projectile forward.
On another side of the field in time of selection are just seven players in the blue form. This immediately tells us who was boss, right?
"Fulham" is somehow sluggish even on his own half. The team is no middle line. It is a fact. It is difficult to talk about the outcome of the match against the leader of the championship, if you have a bad play midfield.
Adam Johnson fell again. And it must have been a yellow card. Again, Adam faked in another box. At this time, figured out the side.
And Adam Johnson seems to have feigned. Chris Baird exhibited leg, yes, but Adam himself took and ran into her, although he could to avoid contact. How did you find?
Aleksandar Kolarov shot from twenty-seven feet into another chamber carried the penalty area, left foot tripped Edin Dzeko - the ball flew five meters from the nearest bar.
Too briefly tried to play the hosts in a strange penalty area. As a result, David Silva earned a corner for his team.
4.1 Statistics strikes at goal in favor of the Manchester club. Who doubted it? I do not think these people.
"Fulham" can not do anything until that attack. That's just been hit with some twenty-five meters from Clint Dempsey, but the ball flew too inaccurate.
Adam Johnson has accelerated in the center of the field, completed the transfer between two defenders, but Sergio Aguero in the open zone is not pulled.
By the way, "Fulham" missed the first ball of the season from the penalty mark. Showed us two replicates. Controversial penalty. It is necessary to have a look at the fall of Johnson, but nothing is still not correct.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Sergio Aguero! Sergio Aguero shot from the penalty spot at mid-height in the right corner - Mark Schwarzer before the ball could not reach. 1-0!
Penalties in the GATE "Fulham"! Adam Johnson was on the lawn after touching the feet Baird.
Done with the hosts and guests need to present. Martin Jol did not invent the wheel in front of such a terrible "arrival date" with the release of their charges under the scheme: 4-4-1-1. Gates defends Mark Schwarzer. Defence (left to right): Chris Baird, Brede Hangeland, Philippe Senderos and Stephen Kelly. Center of the field (from left to right): Simon Davies, Dickson Etuhu, Danny Murphy and Damien Duff. A lone striker - Clint Dempsey, to help him Moussa Dembele will.
Gareth Barry flew into someone else's penalty area through the left flank, performed chamber at the far post, but there was nobody there.
Again, Edin Dzeko is at the center of attention. On the left flank followed by a chamber at the near post, where in touch bummed Edin - just above the crossbar.
Martin Jol is not afraid of anything. In a warm jacket, no hat, he stands in the pouring rain and directs the actions of their team.
The home team played under the scheme: 4-4-1-1. Let's deal. At the gate, Joe Hart. The defenders (from left to right): Aleksandar Kolarov, Joleon Lescott, Stefan Savic and Mike Richards. Midfield consists of (from left to right): David Silva, Samir Nasri, Gareth Barry and Adam Johnson. By Edin Dzeko is Sergio Aguero.
Since the penalty in the fall broke the gate Edin Dzeko - the ball flew into the far corner, where Mark Schwarzer took it into their gloves.
The rain is now in Manchester. "Etihad Stadium", apparently for this reason it is not filled with a hundred percent, as often happens in other games.
The home team is now playing in their traditional blue form, and the players ratings - in white. Gates, Joe Hart on the TV picture on the left side, and the frame Mark Schwarzer - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the midfield players began to "Fulham"!
First Half
Good evening, ladies and football fans! I invite you to a match-up Saturday's closing program of English Premier League, in which there will be "Manchester City" and "Fulham". In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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