Second Half
The final whistle. "Miner" won "Tromso" with a score of 0-1. After two matches in the asset Donetsk team's five-Th glasses. Congratulations.

With you Tsapkin was Ivan. Until we meet again. Take care of yourself.
Absolutely nothing dangerous on the football field, we can not see. "Tromso" tries to make the final assault on the Donetsk team, but nothing happens. Too tight play defenders.
Additional time
Three minutes of added time to the main arbiter of the second half.
Seleznev only appeared on the football field, as has already run into the situation "out of the game." In the first match was a bit different. Seleznev, the first one was, who was in an offside position.
The sixth change makes tutor "Tromsø". This is possible if the other team's coach denies. Instead Mbodzhi out Moeller.
And here is the change in the "Miner". Instead, Adriano went Seleznev.
Coast-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! The handsome ... As now he beat a defender. The class. Cool trick allowed to pass protect, then followed by a blow to the far corner (right), but the projectile missed the post. Perfect moment to score a second goal. A little dokrutili it.
If the Norwegian team lose today, the chances of reaching the final battle for the Cup has not left. Now they need to go to the "all-in '. Let's see, can and will this storm, but a little later.
Most today do not play Luiz Adriano. There is nothing he can not in the attack. Maybe a bad mood, and maybe getting tired on those charges. Even the passing game has not he receives from a partner, because it can not find a good position.
78th minute of that time. "Miners' win at least" Tromsø ". There is still time for the Norwegian club to put the matter in a penalty shootout, but it needs to score a goal. Let's see, can do it or not.
Fifth day of February will be the last game with the football club with the "Copenhagen." It will be a real battle. Let's see who wins it. After all, it will probably pass in the final.
And here is the latest change in the composition of "Tromsø". Instead, Norbu, and Draga Arsta out Reginiussen, Mohammed and Nyström.
Fernandinho asked his mentor replacement. Apparently, already very tired. Famously played today seventh number. Let them rest. He did a lot today. Instead, the field will be Guy.
Coast-ah-ah-ah-ah! Handsome!! The goalkeeper has put in a "wall" 5-Th players. Douglas easily won it, but sent the ball straight into the hands of the goalkeeper, who successfully took up a position at the gate. Both beauties.
Cool in play Ilsinho. Now he has earned a free-kick for "miners" right on the penalty. Costa near the ball. We'll see will be a direct blow or draw? What do you think?
Would like to congratulate Ilsinho to return to the Donetsk team. In Lucescu big plans for this player. We wish him to join the staff and quickly tune up their game. Under the 8-th number is this football player.
Here is the answer from a teacher, "miners." Instead Mkhitaryan and Teixeira went Ilsinho and Costa.
Here's another scoring chance at the gate "Tromsø". Teixeira punched from the penalty but the ball went near the pole. Class time. Incidentally, this episode would be better to pass the ball to Alex Srna, not himself come.
And here's another change in the "Tromsø". I could not resist such pressure right back. Instead Indestada left Christiansen.
Mkhitaryan got to the "offside". We calmed down a game. Absolutely players have scored about the moments and hits. Slightly less than 30 minutes and diamonds is to play players.
Norbu's feet hit Teixeira. Need medical care footballer Donetsk team. I hope all is well with him.
And here is the first replacement, and it occurred in the "Tromsø". Instead, Johansen came Andersen.
Shevchuk was in the "outside game" after a diagonal pass from Rakytskyy. A pass was cool, Vyacheslav broke out on a date with the goalkeeper, but the line all messed up.
But the attack and in the performance of Norwegian football. Chamber into the box "miners", but none of the players, "Tromso" did not go to this pass. No one guessed that such a transfer out.
In a quiet pace started the second half. None of the team over the top in a hurry. That's right, a lot of time. Yet all plenty of time. Indeed, the moments are always when they create. Let's see what players are capable of Norwegian club.
The teams are unchanged. Mentors are hoping for their artists, which they put in the first minutes of the match. So until 60th minute, you can forget about the change. Let me remind you that only you can make five changes ..
Second half has began
The second half began.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half ended. The score 0-1 in favor of Donetsk players. But there is still a 45-minute Th. And now a break.
Additional time
One minute, the referee added to the first half.
Two angular earned "miners", but nothing dangerous, these standards have not brought players from Donetsk. Srna made the first canopy to the near post, but none of the partners could not support it, and then Shevchuk canopy area goalie and there is already at an altitude played goalie.
Shevchuk is very active today. Famously played linebacker. All the time he connects to the attacks. Now he entered the penalty area, "Tromso", made along the gate chamber, but the defender was able to make a bomb on a corner kick.
Dario Srna breaks from the penalty with his left foot, but some do not hit the shots on target. I decided to try his fate back slightly missed their intended target. This is the first blow after 40 minutes to the captain.
But now Shevchuk and joined the attack. Sweep it from the left flank, but the first was on the ball defender, who passed the ball from the danger zone. Attack the "miners" attack. They want to score the second goal and they are very close to it.
Rod playing for the "Tromsø". Lucky now Norwegian footballer, lucky. Mkhitaryan on the backswing removed three defenders and burst into a meeting with the goalkeeper. Punched in a corner (left), but fell in woodwork. Class time.
Slightly more than half an hour played the team. During this time, we saw a goal scored and a cool chance for Adriano. That is all I remember at the moment. I'd like to see something else, I hope the team has scored goals will be pleased with us, or moments.
In general, the Scandinavian teams in this tournament, "Copa del Sol" is played pretty poorly. So far the brightest teams in this "Cup of the Sun" is a football club, "Anji" and "Miner".
In the center of the field passed our game. "The miners' beat and stopped playing. As in the previous match. The Donetsk team scored a goal first, and then for 20 minutes and diamonds missed two goals because of its relaxation.
Incidentally, in the camp of the "Miner's" great atmosphere prevails, because the players of this team is very popular among journalists. This fact certainly makes a lot of emotional strength.
"Tromso" fairly modest club, with its glorious history, while trying to resist "gonyakami," but it turns out they have, with varying success, which of course, pleases the fans, "Miner." In general, the Scandinavian teams in this tournament, "Copa del Sol" is played pretty poorly. So far the brightest teams in this "Cup of the Sun" is a football club, "Anji" and "Miner".
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! 0-1! Eduardo! Handsome! Class goal scoring "miners" and, most importantly the desired goal. Shevchuk took shelter from the left flank in the area goalie, which was their first defender, who knocked the ball crossed the Brazilian, who ferried the ball easily into the near corner (right). The main thing is not to stop there.
Tomorrow to join Chygrynskiy Donetsk team. He will arrive from London. Good luck to him in this tournament. He will participate in it
Very active both teams started this fight. For now, just hold a big advantage nominal guests, they are also now very long and hard playing ball in the center of the field. Incidentally, in the camp of the "Miner's" great atmosphere prevails, because the players of this team is very popular among journalists. This fact certainly makes a lot of emotional strength.
Slightly more than twenty minutes played team. "Miners" in all respects outperform "Tromsø". Nothing comes from the Norwegian club. Just take the ball under control, but without attacking the problems take him to her.
And now another bad attack of the Donetsk team. Fernandinho has moved to center field and gave a pass to move Luiz Adriano, but the Brazilian striker beat the goalkeeper, who famously played in the output.
Today it was a match with our group. "Anji" with the "Copenhagen" was played in most of the time in a draw, but already in the penalty shoot-out in Makhachkala club won 4-2.
The Norwegian team is now trying to go on the attack, but in the middle of the field, this attack is over. Midfielders in "Mine" is played perfectly. Do not give them to pass midfield players "Tromsø".
Adriano! It is necessary to score these goals, it is necessary. I do not want to criticize the attacker, but how much do you need things that you scored. Now Srna took him to a meeting with the goalkeeper, but Louis could not get on goal. Thus, we assume. One moment he was - did not realize.
Eduardo is now at the center wanted to beat two players, "Tromso", but then I realized that it would be redundant and decided to pass the ball back to the partners. Played well in this episode. Kept the ball for the team.
Ball players possess more from Donetsk, but that's a good move to attack them does not work. Sweet are the defenders in their half of the field. They blocked all the players, which can give the passing game.
In the previous game, "Shakhtar" won "Aalesunda" in a penalty shootout. Then Andrei Pyatov famously pulled the kick Norwegian footballer. But "Tromso" waive the penalty in a series of club from Makhachkala.
And here is the dangerous moment. Mkhitaryan passed two defenders on the left flank and gave a pass to center on Fernandinho, but the last bit is not exactly broke. And it was so cool. Well, nothing, for the shooting goes.
And here is the counter-attack from "Tromsø". Some of the players wanted to shed the penalty "miners", but the ball hit a defender and went to the corner, which is nothing dangerous in the gate Pyatov not created.
Now the attack went "miners." Adriano received the ball on the left flank, made in the chamber area goalie, but it turned right into the hands of the goalkeeper. Slightly warmed goalkeeper. As the game will be easier.
In a quiet pace began our fight. Ball players took over, "Miner." On another side of the field they pasuyutsya, but in no hurry to attack. The statistics are, apparently.
With the situation "out of the game" started our fight. In attacking players went "Tromso", but was in an offside position Arst.
First time has began
The first half began. Good luck to the teams. Let the best man win. With the center of the field began to players "Tromso".
First Half
Composition "Tromso"
27.Lekstrem, 3.Bork, 22.Kiss, 14.Norbe, 16.Indestad, 2.Mbodzhi, 11.Yenssen, 10.Drage, 17.Yohansen, 18.Bendiksen, 25.Arst.
12.Andreassen, 4.Kristiansen, 7.Koppinen, 8.Reginiussen, 9.Nyustrem, 15.Andersen, 19.Frantsen, 20.Mohammed, 99.Meller.
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