Stadium: The Reebok Stadium
An interesting duel came out today to "Reebok Stadium". Sorry, we are with you and have not seen goals scored. Match for your comment Nikita Gromov, until we meet again!
Second Half
That's it! The final whistle!
Gunners beat off in the last minute. The impression is that the favorite in this match is the "Bolton", they are now organized attack on the gate Schyasny.
Mark Davis has shifted from the right edge to the center position and with a good strong bottom struck the gate Schyasny, but the ball whizzed close to the pole.
Additional time
3 minutes add the referee.
"Bolton Wanderers" continues to use the tactic of "the best defense - this attack," thereby giving the Gunners do not spend at least one attack.
Reo-Coker takes the field, instead Pratli.
Was able to jump out after Mark Davis himself on himself! By hook or by crook, and stopped him Koselni Schyasny. Forward "Bolton" fell to the turf in the penalty area but the referee did not assign a penalty.
In Mertezakera Koselni and headache-how, probably! So many innings in the last minutes of flying in the penalty area Schyasny, and cope with all tsentrbeki "Arsenal".
Song whiz! Picked the ball from an opponent, went on, but then somehow awkwardly pushed the ball into the center, where his partner was not.
Henry! Not bad in the center of the penalty gave Van Persie, but the pass read-back. This is the tension! Attack to attack meet the team!
"Bolton" also snaps. Already somewhere fifteen minutes the Gunners can not pick up the ball from their opponents.
Song clever pass gave the course of Henry! In the fall, the defender was able to stop the ball. Oh, and Terri was about to repeat the feat, which he did in the game with "Leeds."
Immediately on this change corresponds to Coyle. Instead, Petrova appeared on the field Sanli.
Rosicky out instead of Walcott.
The crossbar saves Bogdan gate after a cunning attack Van Persie from outside the penalty!
Davis threw up his hands in front of the penalty area rival. In the struggle he fell on the lawn, but no violation was not there.
Rosicky takes the form of training. Wenger leaves no hope for victory in this difficult battle.
Koselni is not the first time took the game by himself, went to the center of the field to the penalty area, it is dangerous to Vermaelen gave the left flank, but Knight caught the ball.
Henry spectacularly in the fall through itself knocked the ball from his own penalty area, but the ball none of his partners in the center of the field is not picked up.
Coyle is responsible for at least a good substitute. N'Gog from the field goes, instead, Kevin Davis.
Van Persie delicately carved by Henry in the penalty area, Thierry realized his Dutch partner, and ran into the zone, but the pass was too strong. The ball is in the hands of Bogdan.
Elementary mistake in the transfer center field allowed Arteta. Dangerous counterattack "Bolton."
Petrov has filed with the left edge of the far post, where two rival Mertezaker covered and managed to single-handedly eliminate a dangerous situation. Eagles on the finishing was not accurate.
Cool flow from the right side served Setynsson, but could not N'Gog pereviset Mertezakera in the air. Corner to the hosts.
The legendary Henry appears on the field instead of Chamberlain.
Ramsey shook with the ball in the penalty opponent, and then struck in the fall. The ball hit into the net from the back.
Well, finally! Henry wears a t-shirt game. I wonder who will replace Wenger? Dare to put on a lava Van Persie?
Povisel ball in the air about 20 seconds, until the players of both teams to stuff his head, but to strike at goal Bogdan, it never came. Another corner.
Walcott handed from the right flank, but the ball hit the face protector. Corner is to carry out Van Persie.
"Bolton" understands that the point is cherished by them in about 25 minutes and so begin to meet pretty tough opponent yet in a strange half.
Nothing of interest "Arsenal" did in the second half. Moments occur, but some are dry and not very dangerous. Unpleasantly surprised by Van Persie in the match.
Since this guy is an expert! Chemberden one in a beaten opponent, was closer to the gate and struck powerfully from 27 yards, but Bogdan fingertips moved the ball to the corner.
But what is! Van Persie gets to the bar after lumbago from the right side of Sanya.
Walcott! On the right edge of the shifted center of the penalty and struck powerfully with his left foot on the gate with a killer position, but the ball hit the defender! Good point!
Vermaelen dangerous counter-attack ended with the left edge of lumbago, but the defender intercepted the ball and offside climbed Belgian.
Again, "Arsenal" confidently holds the ball in midfield, but the attacks come to an end or losing the ball on the wing, or a lost duel for horse ball in the penalty area.
Nothing in particular and not presented with a dangerous team with each other. Replacement and beg.
Sam Steynsson punched from the center of the penalty area head, but his strike was not enough accuracy.
Corner Steynsson earns the right flank. His delivery was interrupted Walcott.
Something like the hosts tried to answer, but with a canopy at the center of the field was confidently eliminated N'Goga Schyasny.
And another offside. This time, Walcott after the pass of the same Arteta went out one by one, but the whistle has suspended his race.
Van Persie is now able to fly myself to myself, great pass gave him Arteta from the depths of the course, but the referee raised his flag on the line.
A good combination came from the Gunners. Chemberden gave to Song, the one to touch himself to himself deduced Walcott, but Bogdan left the gate and had the ball first.
The Gunners are also engaged in the game. Chamberlain slightly shifted to the center and is now helping Arteta and Song roll the ball ..
Arte lezhit of gas, for derzhasь golenostop. Nastupil Dэvis nogu of EMU.
Again, the Gunners can not put a free kick. Initially, Ramsey, and then could not break through Koselni with fairly comfortable position.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Additional time
Compensates for a minute the referee.
Vermaelen could now break the dangerous rally on goal from outside the penalty area, but fell right in front of the ball and hit did not come out. Thomas a little curious collapsed on the lawn, which caused laughter stands.
And meanwhile the directors continue to show by Henri sad that a couple with warm lava Koklenom spare.
The Eagles are now so desperately fought for the ball on the wing, after a collision with Arteta knocked linesman.
"Arsenal" possession of the ball 55% of playing time, while their opponents 45%, respectively. Although, visually, the advantage of Arsenal looks much more solid.
Arteta is feeding at the far post, but there was no one of his partners was not there.
Yellow card
Steynsson is booked for a foul nizheskazanny.
Chamberlain Bravo! Cool defeated three opponents and went to the penalty, but his shot down! Dangerous standard for the Gunners.
Yellow card
Yellow card for Thomas Vermaelen for quite a controversial disorder.
Could get a good counter-attack in "Arsenal", but Van Persie gave too clever pass. So cunning that he himself did not understand what he would do. The ball was eventually selected by a rival.
Theo Walcott again plays the role of the post. For some reason, this diminutive winger has to struggle with high defenders "Bolton" for horse balls. Where is Van Persie?
Arteta and Song familiar, easy chase rivals in the central circle, forcing them to put pressure.
"Bolton" a little reassured tear "Arsenal". The guests something much played out and no one knows which of these many things they still sell.
Van Persie clearly can not find themselves on the field today. Why is the final stage of the attack is not he but someone from his partners.
Cool counter-organized masters! Song knocks speeding Eagles, but he yellow card for it do not give.
Arteta and now Chamberlain wise something to rival the penalty area, but they lacked precision gears. As a result, the ball was lost.
Gunners easy control of the game. Recall that Wenger is still ace in the hole, rather than on the lava spare. Thierry Henry recovered from his injury and ready to take part in today's match!
Van Persie is now in the style of Andre Pirlo gave the penalty to Mertezakera, but he could not really stop the ball on the line goalie area.
Walcott lost a great chance! Yield myself to myself never used! In just a corner for the "Arsenal". This is the game!
Walcott famously missed the ball to Ramsey, he broke up the attack on the flank, gave to the center for all of the same Walcott, but Theo has slowed with a bang. had from the first touch punch.
Ka-ah-ah-ah-ah-to! How so, N'Gog? With the ideal position, from 12 meters hit the gate, no he does not interfere, but after it hits the ball flew near the pole. Killing time!
The arbitrator verbally warned Vermaelen. Thomas, recently recovered from injury and is not afraid to go to the collision. Even this rule is violated.
Aatkoy responded to the attack command. In the beginning itself to itself with Schyasny N'Gog out, but it hit the goalkeeper, "reflected the Arsenal. Then the gunners ran to the counter and hit from outside the penalty inflicted Ramsey, but the ball flew into the stands.
Oh, Chamberlain! English prodigy trying to cut the ball to Van Persie in the penalty area, but did not. Ricketts had set foot, and catch the ball.
Players try to "Bolton" meet an attack on the attack, but eager to win, "Arsenal" seems to set very strong. On the first for 3 minutes more or less dangerous moments were at the gates of Bogdan.
Immediately noticeable presence Bacary Sagna. without it, the flank of "Arsenal" was like naked. But now the Frenchman recovered and, I must say is pretty good.
The Gunners again seized the initiative. Ball in the center of the field to the penalty handed Koselni, gave Van Persie, he punched with his left foot but the ball flew above.
Footballers "Bolton" trying to calm some of the gunners, the ball away from them, and show that they too are able to attack. but as long as the owners do not really get to move the center of the field.
Response from the owners turned out less sharp. Serve with flank in the center of the penalty was quietly eliminated Mertezakerom. The ball of the guests.
Van Persie! Bravo, what else to say! Sam handed the ball from the flank and gave a blow by Chamberlain in the center of the penalty, but he really did not hit the ball. For a goal kick, "Bolton."
And another dangerous moment. Van Persie struck powerfully with his left foot free kick from the corner, but hit defender blocked.
Ramsey! Again, a very dangerous moment at the gate of the owners! Van Persie cut the ball in the center of the penalty area, from Aaron to fall forwards it to the gate, but the ball flew just into the hands of the goalkeeper.
Van Persie! The Dutchman was close to the next ball scored this season. This time, the left handed Vermaelen, Robin won the air, but the blow came too weak.
"Arsenal" while not forcing the event. Arsenal still confident opponent pressed to their gates, waiting for a convenient opportunity.
The impression is that the game is to "Emirates". Songs with the name of the London club rush from the stands was very loud.
Gunners calmly rolled the ball into center field. As always in search of a deep ball leaves Van Persie.
Walcott earns a corner for half of the field an opponent, but Arteta used it very successfully.
Played in the Gunners midfield. They are now in the familiar red and white colors, as well as their competitors (they are in black and white).
First time has began
The match started!
First Half
Good evening, dear friends! Today, "Arsenal" came to visit, "Bolton." This match will be for you to comment on Gromov Nikita, enjoy!

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