Stadium: Stadio Friuli
Full Time
Second Half
The final whistle. "Udinese" wins "Lecce".
Since you were Tsapkin Ivan!
Most boring second half turned out at us. We have not seen at all points. Already approaching the end of extra time. Very soon we will know the winner.
Additional time
4 minutes for the first half.
Not at all fancy attacking the actions of players. What does not pass, then the opponent in the leg that does not blow, then past the gate. The horror ... Maybe they ate close to a break?
Let us dangerous moments, let's. You scored as a strike on goal? Or what happened to you? Tell me, please? Ayy ... Footballers? There goalkeepers already dozed off.
Will there be a final assault on the visitors? Or not? Very boring they are. No imagination in their offensive actions.
The last change in the "Lecce". Grossmyuller left the football field. Instead, Seferovich.
Bertolachchi punches with 25 meters, but is not very accurate. Fans of the game. Cool in play this football player, but to the precise impact does not reach.
Reaching the end of our fight. Very boring time is obtained from us. Absolutely not attack the team. And fans have whistled to the players. "Udinese" "dry" game, and "Lecce" does not work.
Fernandez breaks nicely into the far corner from the penalty, but the goalkeeper was able to move the ball on a corner kick. Class time, classy.
Only the center of the field now plays in this match. Nothing comes to attack none nor the second team. Fans waiting for heads and dangerous moments.
Here is the answer from a teacher, "Udinese". Floro Flores instead goes Fabbrini.
Corvi has appeared on the football field. Muriel replaced it. This is the second change in the "Lecce".
In the previous match "Udinese" lost leaders of the championship, and the "Lecce" beat "Inter", which is now tied with "Palermo." Milito has scored three goals. Handsome.
When we see the class times? Absolutely nothing happens on the pitch. Come on, guys, let's. Goals for us, or strokes. At least something ... And it was quite bored.
And here's another corner kick earned the players' Lecce. " Submission to the area goalie, but it is now played at the exit and took the ball Handanovich in their gloves. One goal brought today standard.
So-and-by. It's time to tell you about the results. "Inter" scored the third goal in "Palermo." "Cagliari" wins "Roma" with a score of 3-2, but the "Napoli" is played in a draw with "Cesena". And in the central match of the tour, "Lazio" 0-0 "Milan".
A corner kick earned a masters. Feeding took place at the nearest bar, but well played goalkeeper at the output, which is easily picked up a shell in his gloves.
Cool now struck Di Michele. He received the ball on the penalty and struck the gate, but the projectile flew straight at the goalkeeper, who has taken a cool attitude.
Absolutely nothing happens on the pitch. Strangely, the team may not want to play? Agreed to adjourn, which is enough to score? Forces can cherish for the next round? Bored on stage, very boring.
And here is the first replacement. Instructor "Lecce" decided to freshen up the team. Bertolachchi appeared on the field instead of Delvekio. Decided to remove midfielder Eusebio, who has a "yellow card".
When we see the dangerous moments, or at least the shots, but as long as the defenders do not give it to a single or second team. Protection at the moment is reliable, very much.
Calmly controlled the ball in their half of the field players, "Udinese". Absolutely no points in the moment. Nobody wants to go forward.
Do not replace the fired teachers commands. So they are hoping for their artists, which they put in the first minute. Before the 60th minute, you can forget about the changes in the compositions.
With the center of the field played the ball the owners of this stadium. Now they will start their attack, but until they get there in no hurry.
Second half has began
The second half began.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
A whistle. Daniele Trust sends players on a break, which lasts 15 minutes, Th. We are waiting for the second half impatiently.
Additional time
Two minutes added to the referee the first half.
The first half comes to an end. It is already possible to make small findings. High School football team demonstrate both. It's been three goals were scored, and at moments it was five goals, but goalies are now also show admirable reaction.
Yellow card
Delvekio Gennaro received a second "yellow card" in the match for the brutality in the central part of the field.
And again, losing visitors. Recoup or not? What do you think? I think that by as early as this match will be equal. I hope so. And very soon, is going to break.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! 2.1! Slaughtered hosts at the end of the first half. Michele was able to distinguish himself Patsientsa!
Too many violations of today's match. In the center of most folyat players. Very soon, oral verbal warning from the referee will end, and go "mustard."
Without a moment passes, our data match on a minute. Slightly less than 35 minutes of play the team. Before they share goals, but now no one in the attack in a hurry. Probably in the first part matches heads no more. But I would like to be wrong.
Very compact play football, "Lecce" protection. Simply can not continue the attack to find the players, "Udinese". Midfielders must connect to the game keeper.
And "Inter" was able to level the score in a match with "Palermo." Now in all matches on this tour at the moment a draw. Many goals will be today in the games, I'm sure of it. Now, the ball took possession of the players, "Udinese" and prepare a positional attack.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! Compare by visitors. 1.1 has already lit the scoreboard! Beautiful!! At the 28th minute of the players were able to "Lecce" reply to the hosts an early goal. David Di Michele! Handsome! High School received a blow this assailant. Kick from the left corner just fell into the far bottom corner.
But in this match was the fastest growing goal in this round. "Udinese" has scored the first minute. And now on the football field lull before the storm can?
But already, "Palermo" were able to distinguish himself. He scored a goal in "Inter". Cool start of today's fights. A lot of intrigue. By the way, "Cagliari" first beat "Roma."
Di Michele took the ball on the penalty and was ready to break through on goal, but referee linear lit flag. This is the "offside".
Our second match is hammered to goals. First place at the moment is the match, "Cagliari" - "Roma". There's already the team managed to beat each other - 1-1. And all the other matches that are broadcast on our website - 0-0.
The first five minutes were great in execution "Udinese", and now they are completely over the top in no hurry. Just take the ball under his control in his own half of the field. Rival does not want them any pressure.
Good weather at the stadium, "Giuseppe Friuli". A lot of fans, they are now actively supporting their team. They now will affect the outcome of the match.
Floro Flores was a cool moment in the fifth minute. He now brought to a meeting of his partner, it was Di Natale, but the arbitrator fixes the "out of the game."
We calmed down a game. The ball calmly kept the guests in the center of the field. In attacking team is in no hurry, and need, because the expense is not their benefit. A "Udinese" meanwhile, quietly waiting for attack players "Lecce". The whole team in their half of the field.
Took possession of the ball players, "Lecce". They are now safely control the center of the field. Opponent is not pressure, so do not mind. Look further as to continue the attack.
Di Michele volunteered to fulfill this standard. He failed to beat the wall, but that's intended target is not hit. But was a beautiful moment. Well, no. There will be more dangerous.
Yellow card
Danilo Laranzhera receives the first "yellow card" is already on the 7th minute. Classroom attacker to gain the players' Lecce, "but Danilo roughly played. This is a very dangerous free kick. There is a chance to win.
Floro-oh-oh-oh-oh! Momentische cool! Need to score! At the meeting broke forward after a pass from the classroom partner slept Flores defenders but goalkeeper won the duel. A score could become 2-0.
Cool start of the match here. In the first minute of the owners have managed to distinguish himself. I hope today will still be scored. Look, look, but the beginning of klassnyuchie.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Clog the hosts in the first minutes. Class! Antonio Di Natale scored his head after a pass from the left flank. Earned a free kick football "Udinese". Submission to the area of the penalty spot and forwards Antonio ball into the net.
First time has began
The match started. Here we go. Good luck to the teams. Let the best man win.
First Half
Dear football fans! LiveResult.Ru site in partnership with resource-Euro Futbol.Ru offer to your attention a direct translation of a text match "Udinese" - "Lecce". In the "commentary booth" Tsapkin Ivan.

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