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Second Half
The match is over! "Mirandes" lost in native walls "Athletics" with a score of 1:2 in the first semifinal match of the King's Cup.
ГО-О-О-О-ooooooo-ОЛ! 1:2!
Fans of "Mirandesa" do not lose heart, keeping their pets to the end. None at this time did not leave the stadium. They thank their team for what they were able to reach so far in the National Cup.
Borrell to go punching, meters with 24, but the ball fell to his feet and clumsily flew three feet to the right target.
What is the guys wound up on the issues of Marcelo Bielsa. Right now Inigo Perez and overdone in the selection, earning a yellow card.
WARNING! On the right flank was diagonal to Llorente, who clearly dropped the ball on his head Inigo Perez, but the one with five meters of the course took a pot shot over the crossbar.
Inigo Perez appeared on the field as part of the guests, replacing the already tired Munyaina.
Yellow card
Mujica received a yellow card.
Ramon Borrell got into a stranger obygrysh opponent's penalty area, but lost the ball. He tried to cheat and beautiful fall, but there was no violation.
Munyain took the ball on the left flank of the attack, after a very long transfer to your address, but to beat your opponent "as is" failed. So - just out.
Another angle on the left handed the home team. Again turned dangerous - Mujica head punched under the crossbar, but this time it was not strong enough and Hill Iraisos firmly caught the ball in glove.
"Athletic" is playing on the result, it is absolutely not in a hurry. If no judicial errors in their name on the scoreboard would have already burned four.
Already tired players "Mirandesa." No power they already have to put pressure on a rival, pasuyuschihsya across the field, in a strange half.
Naturally, the whistle met local fans in the stands of the decision the referee, who did not put the penalty kick into the goal guests, although a reason for this was considerable.
The controversial episode! Anderson Lambarri icing ball over Amorebieta, and he rushed at his feet. The arbitrator, who was beside the point for some reason does not have.
Yellow card
It's only been a couple of seconds, as David Lopez svezhevyshedshy already marked yellow card in your liabilities.
David Lopez replaced Susaetu. Nevertheless decided to resort to changes of Bielsa.
Another "corner" of danger did not bring - the ball was far from recaptured the central circle.
Another corner kick on the left flank attacks earned the home team. There was a feeding center in the penalty area, where one of the "Mirandesa" powerfully punching his head under the bar - Hill Iraisos showed a brilliant response and pulled the ball to the corner.
I would like to "Mirandes" otkvital at least one ball today, although it is very unlikely to revive the almost dead intrigue in opposition.
A free-kick earned a visit, meters in 25 of the opponents' goal, slightly to the right of the central axis. Susaeta mightily pierced with the standard, but only put the strength of a "wall".
Jose Angel appeared on the field instead of Antshona Munety. It was a late replacement in the "Mirandesa." Marcelo Bielsa as that does not want to enter into the game fresh blood.
Iraola inflicted the most optimistic kick from the spot meter at 35 - Nauset very easily picked up the ball in the fall, despite the fact that the projectile was considerably off the mark.
Guests got out and tried to hold fast kontrvypad, but Mikel has played Martins securely in the subcategory having beaten out the ball, allowing its partners to come back.
Pablo Infante from the left flank was trying to sneak the ball into the opponent's penalty area, but did not counsel, who knocked the ball at him from under the feet to the corner.
Yellow card
Corral shlopotat yellow card of the owners, again for the failure to counter an opponent. I am glad that there is no rudeness in this meeting.
On the right flank of the high feed now gone in the direction of Llorente, but Fernando was unable to break through, reaching the ball just the crown. He dropped the ball in the center, but there is understood the defenders' Mirandesa. "
Amorebieta great body pushed Lambarri now in his own penalty area, allowing Gorka has withdrawn Iraisosu quietly take over the ball.
There is almost one-goal otkvitali owners. With the penalty area took a pot shot at the bar Mujica, from which the ball flew into the stands.
Munyain fell 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper and clearly outplayed him, but again the goal was called off due to non-existent offside. Two goals of clean away the judges with the Basques.
Ramon Borrell appeared on the field instead of Alain Arroyo, who himself now absolutely nothing displayed in the "Mirandesa."
Warm up replacement players from both teams. In the near future is to wait for replacements on each side.
Yellow card
Javi Martinez shlopotat another yellow card for Bilbao, also threw his arms in lawn running away from his opponent.
Jon Aurteneche connected to the attack of the guests, but it landed in the transfer prostrelnaya Susaety leg, from which the ball ricocheted behind the front line.
But this "corner" no result for the hosts did not give. Conducted retaliatory attack guests, but Llorente, who was on the left flank of the attack, broke the rules by hand fighting champion.
Mujica dragged the ball to the right edge of another's penalty area, where both began to play tricks, that he himself dizzy. Well at least corner he managed to get to their partners.
Yellow card
Anderson Itturaspe lost position in center field and was able to get a promising counter-attack the hosts, but at the cost of the Basque midfielder a yellow card after all decided to detain fleeing Infante hand.
The first substitution of the match was held at "Mirandesa": instead of a "opornikov" Nacho Garro, appeared on the forward Anderson Lambarri.
Again slept starting activity "Mirandesa" that they take at the beginning of each half. The game moves smoothly to the other half of the field.
By the way, Fernando Amorebieta is the only legionary today on the field. In addition to the Venezuelan field, all Spaniards, and in stock too. Well, except for Bielsa, of course.
Haritts Mujica feint near the penalty area, the guests, but himself, and stumbled through the ball and was forced to concede a game projectile Amorebieta.
Long pass forward over now have a little offsides Llorente. He watches in front of their chances, and if you tuck the opportunity - here as relentlessly punishes opponents.
"MirandEs, MirandEs" - chanting spectators from the stands, but now have lost their pets the ball in midfield and then broke the rules, so as not to run into kontrvypad.
"Mirandes" made it clear from the first seconds of the second half. that still does not intend to lay down their arms in front of the Basques, holding them to one third of the field.
At the left edge of the attack now earned a free kick masters, Infante efforts. The captain himself and performed the standard, punching by a punch, but had fallen into a "wall" of the two rival players.
They ran at once to attack the home team and earned a free kick on the right flank of the attack. Muneta left leg twisted at the gate, but one of the tall defenders hit the ball head.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! "Athletic" is confidently leading 2-0 in the away and may have already started to dream about winning the final.
Yellow card
Raul Garcia spoke to the referee about the yellow card to his liability. The referee first stint, but then still complied with the request counsel "Mirandesa."
Additional time
One minute offset.
Susaeta now got into an offside position at the Basques. As shown by repeated - this time worked fairly referees stopped the game.
Iraola connected on the right flank to attack his team to the area from which filed the far post, but there Sousa managed to prevent the oncoming punch Alvaro Corral.
Fernando Llorente would now celebrate his hat-trick, but once the ball was canceled due to non-existent offside. Sorry judges are masters.
Understood the bookmakers do not believe in something "Mirandes," and decided to inflate the ratio of their victory immediately doubled.
Guests can not wait to talk to each other in the locker room. The mood among them is excellent, so that you can ease off a little anecdotes.
But on the ball exceeds the hosts for this moment Basques. The computer counted 51% vs. 49% in favor of the team of Miranda de Ebro.
Mujica earned the first corner for his team on the right flank. Livened up the fans' Mirandesa "for a few moments, until the defenders of Bilbao could not stand the ball out of their possessions.
On the right flank of the "corner" unsuccessfully played the Basques. Counterattack from "Mirandesa" also failed, despite the fact that their opponents go practically walk.
Oscar beat with a partner, received the transmission mounted on the right edge of the penalty area, where technically stopped the ball and cleverly punched into the near corner, instead of lumbago in the center, but did not exclude the Nauset that option and had to substitute arm, reflecting the ball to the corner.
Who still believes to this day in victory "Mirantesa" today, can take a chance to sacrifice their blood. If successful, they may increase 51 times.
Once again, the audience began to whistle from the stands, being dissatisfied with what the players "Athletics" rolled the ball in their half of the field. But they still do?
Alain Arroyo worked on the right wing attack hosts, but more or less normal flow into the penalty area, where he was one of his partner, do not succeeded.
Handball is now seen in Amorebieta players and fans, "Mirandesa." How they managed together to see such a phantom, is unclear. The arbitrator also did not understand.
Not even making special efforts to achieve the result Basques. Just a class they are a head and shoulders above his rivals in today's Segunda B.
Llorente liked to wind opponents in batches and this time he tried to push through the center of the ball after all, but here he still managed to knock the ball from under his feet.
Tale "Mirandesa" fit, apparently, to a close. Finals they are likely to be seen, if only the "Athletic" will not fool around in the remaining time.
2 goals - double
GO-ON-OO-OOOOOOO-AL! 0:2! Fernando Llorente!
Hmmm. As children Llorente clocked three defenders, moving along the line of the penalty area from the left corner to the center of the semicircle and struck lightly, but certainly in the lower left corner of the goal, catching on protivohode goalkeeper.
Oscar again dragged the ball on the left flank of the attack, but this time somehow lingered with the decision, and just two defenders away from him the ball.
Ander Herrera caught by the leg Raul Garcia in the midfield. Fans from the stands demanding a yellow card, but it would be too.
I would not want, of course, to intrigue in the fight for a ticket to the finals had already died in the first leg. "Mirandes" must not give up and try to escape at least a draw.
Muneta raced on the left flank attack hosts and bottom sweep in the center of the penalty area, where the vigilant defenders of the Basques played.
It's okay, like, with "ten" "Athletics". After a short consultation with the medical team, he returned to the field, although a little limp.
In the center of Oscar Mujica faced with, and received a painful blow on the knee. It is hoped that with the joint nothing terrible has happened.
Bilbao holds the ball and tries to stretch the opponents across the entire width of the field. The home team stepped up and has also taken place in the selection, but it does not make them good.
Was even quieter in the six thousandth stadium in Miranda de Ebro. In a difficult situation turns out to be their team. In the home game they missed quite a quick goal from one of the strongest teams in the country.
ГО-О-О-О-ooooooo-ОЛ! 0:1!
In an attack large enough forces now slowly moved the home team. They earned a pair of outs on the right flank, but that all and end there.
Brewing here, what is called "total over less." Although, in all these matches on their head can turn any unexpected goal.
Pablo Infante cleverly beat two rivals, burst into the penalty area, but there is a loss, began to play tricks, but nothing more came up.
The whistle rose again from the stands, but not about the moral pressure on the visitors, but rather on the general pattern of play that is very, very dull something.
Very low rate of combat we see. Calmly rolled the ball across the field visit in his own half, especially not in their efforts to do the attacking actions.
The second corner of the match, this time from the right flank, filed Basques. There was a presentation in the midst of Susaety oncoming players, but there were defenders above.
Slightly relaxed, yet, acting team from Bilbao, thinking that they could easily defeat these opponents. For three examples of the team were punished for it.
Already quiet fans in the stands, calmly watching as guests pasuyutsya on their side of the field. picking up the keys to the defense "Mirandesa."
Gradually, the game went to half of the field "Mirandesa." Now positional attack Marcelo Bielsa charges ended in an active Munyaina offsides.
The first "corner" with no danger from the left wing played the Basques.
Iker Munyain began sighting on the rival's goal. Fairly clumsy turned his roundhouse kick from the defender, meters with 20 - the ball went past the frame, but Nauset, just in case, and sent the ball falls on the corner.
Attacked the left flank now hosts and from there the ball was loaded into the penalty area, but this time apprised of the situation tsentrbeki "Athletics."
Local torsida whistle pressure on guests from Bilbao, who holed up in their half of the field, waiting for the start activity "upstarts" from Miranda de Ebro.
Actively meeting started the home team. Only that they have earned a free-kick right on the spot insider, and after the filing of the penalty could knock someone out of the players' Mirandesa ", but an impact that stroke has not turned out.
Interestingly, the "Estadio de Munisipal Anduva" is not filled to capacity. Outside the gates, which protects the Half Iraisos Hill, there are empty seats.
First time has began
The match is over! First meeting with midfield players began to "Athletics".
First Half
Composition "Mirandesa": 13. Nauset - 6. Raul Garcia, and 4. Cesar Kaneda, 21. Alvaro Corral, 2. Inaki Garmendia - 5. Nacho Garro, 15. Michele Martin - 14. Pablo Infante, 7. Antshon Muneta, 11. Haritts Mudzhika - 9. Alain Arroyo
Subs not used: 25. Adrian Murcia - 22. Aytor Blanco - 17. Ramon Borrell, 12. Jose Angel - 10. Anderson Lambarri.
Greetings to all fans of Spanish football! Your attention is straight text translation first King's Cup semifinal match in which the sensation of the tournament "Mirandes" will take "Athletic."
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