Stadium: Goodison Park
A good match with you today, we have observed. We can say that zasuzhennuyu wins the team of David Moyes. Thank you all for your attention! Together with you over the course of events in a match watched Igor Ovcharenko. Until we meet again.
Second Half
That's it! The match is over!
Earned a corner, "the citizens", but filing a Kolarov came just terrible. Most likely, the score will not change. After a few seconds sound whistle.
Simply can not catch the ball guests ... And fans are already beginning to celebrate a victory! But not too early right? In my opinion, yes, sooner.
Driving, driving his fellow forward and goalkeeper, "Manchester City"! But while his partners in the club, do not seek to improve the situation in the match.
Additional time
Referee match added to the regular time of 4 minutes.
And here is the change in the "butterscotch." Strakkualursi leaves, Vellios out.
A feeling that is completely satisfied with the result of the match both teams. Otherwise, how else can one explain such a sluggish game near the end of the match.
Replacing a part of visitors. Barry left the field, instead it came out of De Jong.
Long, long and hard to control the ball, "the citizens", but Nasri blow came in the player, "Everton". As a result, now knocks the ball into the box, Tim Howard.
No luck in today's match Edeen Jack, do not know, lost count, how many times he gets into a defender. It should be something urgently to take the head coach of the guests.
Well, really, this is great now play in the defense of the home team. Nothing dangerous, they do not allow their opponents to create. Helpless they look.
Baines received a little damage, but the players and guest team not going to stop. They each minute, are increasingly active and go on the attack.
One verse is the only striker in the "butterscotch." Strakkualursi many times in this half, can not properly handle the ball. Interestingly, it replaced?
Substitution in the "Everton". Drenthe left field, and Baxter on "Goodison Park" appeared.
No, they can bring in quality players of the "MC" is too easy, they act out their attacks, should be more original and gentlemen.
Yellow card
Baines broke the rules, will perform a free-kick guests. Incidentally, the yellow card for the previous game got rough Drenthe.
Time after time guests spend their attacks, but until they are reduced to just one. By losing the ball. There is nothing dangerous in the field does not occur in these minutes.
Do you know anyone now show us on the podium? Newfound striker "Everton" - Jelavic. With quite a joyous expression on his face he is on the podium.
Active, more active in the second half of Drenthe, and now he seemed to take place on the flank and perform filing penalty, but the defender of the guests arrived in time on time, and eventually selected the goal.
Well, pretty good control of the ball guests, but before any dangerous moments it does not reach. Now, Donovan was swamped Kolarov in the central part of the field.
Gibsooon! "Cannon" terrible at it! Again gave the punch with the best position players, "Manchester City" the young midfielder. This time everything is all right for the guests managed.
Wow! Wow! Nasri on the wing, left the great guardian, then passed a couple of meters, and have done a dangerous submission! The ball swerved for a small not for Tim Howard collar.
Adam Johnson punched a good effort on goal but his shot blocked Baines. So, while we will perform a free-kick player, "Manchester City".
Substitution in the "MC". Lescott left the field, instead it went Kolarov.
Protracted pause in the game. Too long had a Medical Assistance player guests. But after a series of medical procedures, such as would come back in a "citizens."
In principle, from the very beginning of the match, wrong tactics chosen guests. Too passive, they have come to this meeting. In the meantime, can not rise from the lawn Company. This Drenthe "punched" him.
I fully agree with the television commentator, he says that the advantage in ball possession, yet nothing said. Now the player has damaged the home team.
Vuh! Until now, your obedient servant, not away from the goal scored. I am confident that he will come in different ratings. Meanwhile, in an attack guests of the match.
And then he spends replacement head coach, "Manchester City". Milner left the field, Johnson went on the field.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Gibsoooon! That's goleschnik! Hello, "City"! Donovan, after I took the ball on the right edge of the penalty, its great midfielder hit a ramp! He shot his nearly broke the net gate Hart! 1-0!
Yellow card
The "cat and mouse" game we went. While the "mice" are the masters, but "cats" guests. Meanwhile, Lescott, if I remember correctly receives a yellow card for breaking the rules in their half of the field.
Richards pushed now, after filing with the corner flag. The arbitrator again, saw no violation of rules. And rightly so, that violation was not.
Clichy nice sweep to the opposite flank, but there was not enough Nasri little growth, in order to close the transfer of a teammate.
Dzeko now vehemently argues the arbitrator did not violate the rules. The judge did not believe him ...
Serve with the corner flag over violation of the rules by Lescott. Howard will perform a free kick.
Nasri! Again, it is dangerous punches from the middle distance! But this time the ball is on the way to the gates, touched a defender and went to the corner. Let's see what's new will present guests.
Many British journalists thought that the match would be a decent number of goals ... But so far, their predictions have come true. Although more time is complete.
Could not now attacking "Everton" process qualitatively the ball in the end the defenders easily selected "round."
I think a draw in this match will suit the home team, but about the guests, I doubt it. Clearly the victory they had come to "Goodison Park". Now, Silva was in the "offside".
I was wrong, nothing intelligent could not come up with guests. So, now after the filing of Clichy, Jack punched a good head on goal but Howard has taken the right position, and eventually picked up the ball.
Drenthe played against a very rough Milner on the right flank. Let us now perform as a punitive visit. Very curious.
On the right flank now attempt lumbago followed. Some of the players, "Everton" clocked on the edge and the opponent played in the transfer penalty. But the defenders easily handled with this filing.
Time is running out and play on the field continues to be quite boring. The ball is almost in the center of the field, the players seem very vague, just like in the middle of the first time ... We hope that soon it will all end.
It seems to be no change in the composition of both teams did not happen. Although, I think that will change ... Well, okay .. We continue to watch football!
While no "acute" attacks from both teams are expected. Team rather quietly started the second half. The only thing you can say is that with the ball (as in other matters, and always) for a long time do not leave players "MC".
In principle, we can say that a slightly larger advantage owned by guests of the match. But also it should be noted that the home team going to score today in a match with "citizens." Have more to shocks to add to this match, and in general it would be perfect!
Second half has began
The second half started.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half ended. Coffee Break.
Fellaini failed in the central part of the field to beat Barry eventually go on the attack now "citizens." Although they are not really do the sand.
We can say that the team is not particularly aspire to open an account in the last minutes of the first half is likely to break the team will leave for the same account.
And here in the first position "outside game" have got the players, "Everton". Namely, Tim Cahill after a throw from the flank, fell into offsayd.
Additional time
Five minutes of added chief referee the match.
Well, that was removed this madman custody order. We continue to watch the match. Now the players are attacking "Everton".
Pause occurred to us in the match. Interestingly, they soon repel it? I mean, the police and fans. Podzatyanulas we pause the match. Meanwhile, fans at Goodison Park are increasingly called to leave this fan, and in an unseemly manner.
It's crazy! The first time I see this! Watching handcuffs chained himself to a "frame" the gate! And laugh or cry, as they say.
Slightly more active team. This is good news! Now in its half of the field, with a few did not lose the ball the hosts, they carried away drawing of the "round".
Meanwhile, another corner from the right wing's see visitors. Let's see, it will all end.
It's crazy! That's udarische! Nasri! Great! Picked up the ball in midfield player, then dragging it slightly forward, struck at the gate! The ball hit the "iron". Howard would not have saved! Vuh!
Vauuu! Fellaini! With few now have not scored half the hosts! Wow, he beat the defender, then "pulnul" Hart on goal! Ball in a few centimeters missed the pole!
Lescott after a pass with a penalty kick was able to bring the ball to the corner flag. But the supply of which comes just once a dreaded "butterscotch."
Yellow card
Company receives a yellow card. Once again, Tim Cahill injured. I wonder what will end this presentation? We shall see!
Well, something is not right sang the home team. Donovan played the disgusting flow with a penalty kick, the defender easily transferred to the ball away from the "framework" Hart.
Barry fouls against Tim Cahill. A dangerous free kick, we'll see you! That's interesting!
Across the field combine players "Manchester City", but blows up ... But what blows up, if they can not reach someone else's punishment .. In general, both teams are not playing at full strength. Or not?
Honestly, I thought that the team from the first minute overwhelm us with their smashing attacks. But there is nothing supernatural in the field, does not occur. A must! It is necessary that happened!
Milner's great hung after Richards catapulted out. But at that time at the output of brilliant acting, Howard. A moment ... And that moment? From simple no!
Clichy great passes on the left flank, but did not give him produhu defenders "Everton". And now, the game is slightly closed ...
Oops! Tim Howard once hit the ball awkwardly. If the players, "Manchester City" have been quick, it just would have been a goal! And so, with the ball home team.
Very long does the ball into center field. Neither team is not taking at least an attempt to attack other people's doors. This is unfortunate, ladies and gentlemen ...
Well, here again ... Serve with angular came just terrible player "MC". Now Aguero great shot from the penalty, but in shots on target could not reach.
Ehh! There's a moment! Aguero quite a bit was not enough to head the ball forward just a net. The first was on the ball defender, "Everton". As a result, starting from the corner we will see. Again ...
Continue to play a passive team. Well, by God on the field now, nothing interesting happens. Is that the beautiful output Howard somehow "fun."
What is this! Which time feed from the corner does not go for both teams. So, now free strikes "butterscotch." Violated the rules were in Drenthe.
Here otvetka! Dzeko powerfully lupanul with the right edge of another's penalty, but the ball towards goal, hit the defender. Corner we'll see.
Cahill partners were able to earn a corner from the left flank. But the filing came from Donovan's not entirely successful. As a result, the ball will now be located guests.
While rivals in what each other does not yield a very smooth game happening on the field. Interestingly, when we see the first scored by the ball? I hope that very soon.
Company according to the rules played against Drenthe, in vain now the fans buzzing. Frankly midfielder pretended "Everton".
Nasri on the wing a couple of good defenders clocked up, and then do exactly flow into the hands of Tim Howard. I must say that the goalkeeper "butterscotch" confidence is always playing at the outputs.
Not bad, not bad, but it would be better to dispose of the ball players, "Everton". While the match is in a quiet channel, nothing dangerous or is happening.
Attack to attack both teams are responsible! But while a little sharper than go ahead hosts. They again tried to get in kontrvypad, but Richards has played on the flank secure.
Strakkualursi! And one more thing creates Argentine striker! Neville was good with the ball on the right flank, and then carried on feeding her attacker, who struck his head exactly in Hart.
Wow now gone on the attack guests, but the defenders of the home team has not mistaken. Now linesman did not see a clear push in the back. Victim was Jack.
Failed to supply guests with the corner flag. So, now there are players in attack, "Everton", but before the shock is not reached. Let's wait, we wait ...
And here is the response time! Someone from the midfield, "Manchester City" was a couple of great players, and then hit a gate. Howard hardly moved the ball to the corner.
A miracle! A miracle! Now save your guests! After filing with the corner flag, Strakkualursi cool head punched in the unprotected corner of the goal ... and only Lescott rescued their team of loyal ball! It is very dangerous!
Beside others the penalty area was built lace "citizens", but, as in previous cases, all of the attacks were neutralized defensive line owners who look for the first minute is fairly good.
We moved the game to center field ... A little more "round" players manage the "City". Perhaps soon, we still see, even strokes ... Even blows ...
While the team did not create anything dangerous near goal. Too passive, they are still in the attack. And now Dzeko broke the rules on someone else's half of the field. An indirect free kick masters perform.
By the way, as reported by the BBC in a short time attacking "Everton" Louis Saha on a lease will be the end of the season for "Spurs". While the official site of the two clubs not confirmed. Most likely, the rumor? Although, personally I do not think so.
By the way, having parted with Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, "Everton" dared to buy forward. Nikica Jelavic should soon join the ranks of "butterscotch." Reviews of this are heard only good striker. Well, it would be nice to see it in such a "powerful" championship. Another would be observed transition Pizarro in the camp "residents." Also, a curious transfer.
I think many an interesting story of personal meetings of these commands. So, if we glance at the statistics the last five games of these teams, it turns out that for the "MC", "toffee" is a very awkward opponent. And to be specific, in the last five matches, "Everton" won as many as 4 times! And the only guests this season, was upset by David Moyes Trust.
On the first minute notice that players are not played out yet, apparently they did not deviate from the cup battles. I think it's a matter of time. In the meantime, just hold a big advantage guests. They have long kept the ball in their half of the field.
Let me remind you that in their previous matches, both teams showed a very different football. So "Everton" has managed to match with "Blackburn" to get a draw (although during the match led the advantage), but their opponents were from Manchester, not without difficulty, but still defeated "Spurs."
First time has began
It sounds a whistle the final arbiter! The match started! We hope that the team gave us a "show"! "The football show."
First Half
Since the compositions of both teams you can find in the "About match."
Hello, ladies and gentlemen. We welcome you to the next match subs. In today's match, "Everton" will host the leader of the home Premier League - "Manchester City". Together with you over the course of events in the match will follow Igor Ovcharenko.

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