Stadium: Molineux Stadium
An excellent match players had today, "Liverpool", to which we congratulate them. "Wolverhampton" also wish good luck in the next matches. Thank you all for your attention. With you was Nikita Gromov, see you soon!
Second Half
The final whistle!
One of the best players of the match changed Dalglish. Kate goes to the field, instead Aurelio.
Carroll picked up the ball before the penalty, pushed his way between the two rivals in a shock position and shot on goal but the ball of the foot otrikoshetil defender and calmly rolled in the hands of the goalkeeper.
Next Reina corner at the gate only to help players "Liverpool" to organize the next offensive. Force for both teams at the end.
Were now close to the players, "Wolves" to a point is scored! Ebans-Blkyk famously punched rally from outside the penalty area but the ball hit the crossbar, and then flew away from the gate. Reina just watched the flight of the ball, great blow out.
After filing Korner good head punched Carroll, but the ball flew near the pole.
Frimponga Miliyash changes.
Bellamy broke through on the right edge to the center of the penalty, could not even apply, but the chamber blocked the defender.
Guests quietly and confidently brought the match to its logical conclusion. Ebans-Blake is trying to put pressure alone, without partner support his efforts even.
A double substitution by Dalglish. Adam off, Shelvey on. So, instead of Carragher Agger goes.
As the owners did not try to counteract the attack today, "Liverpool", and nothing they did not. "Skauzery" continue to attack safely.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! 0:3! Kate!
As the boys now unrolled mersesaydtsy opponent! Adam gave the scoring pass again. Now, he gathered himself to three, gave an angle goalie Dutch partner and the bottom easily sent the ball into the net!
"Liverpool" a little pressure the opponent, not letting him go beyond center field.
"Liverpool" in full control of the game. Kate is now famously struck from outside the penalty area just under the crossbar, but Hennessey was able to react and move the ball to the corner.
Frimpong picked the ball in midfield with Keith Jarvis gave to the flank, but he himself has put himself into a corner, thereby braked attack.
Yellow card
Folyat against Johnson's pretty rough. This is Edwards grabbed his arm. Yellow card to the player, "Wolves."
Yellow card
Agger yellow card for the failure of dangerous attacks.
If you try to call the pre-best player in the match, then they will be Charlie Adam. Gerard, he replaced adequately, gave an assist, and the whole match as got the whole field hedging its partners, the transfer gives good forward, organizes an attack.
Agger was scored close to the ball, jumped over the defender in another free kick, but it did not have a header accuracy.
Bellamy back, but is well! Sam handed the ball along the line and powerfully struck free kick from the left to the far top corner, but some of the defenders managed to set foot. Corner for visitors.
Wow! Adam in the fall pierced with seven feet, he was not covered, but after hitting the ball flew into the stands.
I think many fans of "Arsenal" will be interesting to play in this game Frimponga. Note that it is without any failures, fights for every ball, in other, shall we say, on the level.
And again, "Liverpool" is not torn in the attack. All without a hitch. the impression that the script for this game wrote Dalglish and both teams are just on it.
Adam threw a bad penalty for Carroll, but literally from head the ball he took off Hennessey.
Ebans-Blake out instead of Johnson.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! Bellamy Bravo!
Welshman got the ball near the center line of the field, he went to the penalty and shot straight into the far corner of the goal! Hennessey took the ball only with your fingertips, but prevent it from falling into the grid could not!
After a missed ball "Liverpool" continues to sit out on defense. The first number played by the "wolves." For how long? We'll see.
Carroll is now even able to sharpen their own game. under pressure from defender hit the ball on the leg, Andrew, and then "round" flew in the direction of the gate. But Hennessey had to go out and pick up the ball.
"Wolverhampton" is also not going to sit back on defense. Under the roar of the stands they go on the attack, though it looks more like a futile attempt prolomat wall peas.
Very well-played "Liverpool", trying to calm the game and save it in the same direction as before the missed goal.
Mr. OO-OO-OO-L! 0-1!
We just scolded Carroll, and he immediately scored! Very good pass given to striker Charlie Adam, well, Andrew is not difficult to push the ball into the goal line with the goalkeeper area.
Bellamy, a fellow! Ahead of the defender, he wanted was closer to the ball. and was able to make out.
Corner Edwards earns the right flank. Kaytli goes to the ball.
Carroll is just awful. Perhaps this view is subjective, but it is this. Slowly, without poignancy and support. Bellamy could be shifted to the center, in the case of replacement by Andrew Downing.
Frimpong is on the lawn and holding his stomach. Carroll to hurt an opponent spiked a jump boots.
"Liverpool" from the first minute of the second half continued calm and measured organize their attacks without forcing events.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Henderson whiz! Removed himself an opponent and punched the bottom out from under the feet of defense counsel in the far corner, but Hennessey confidently took the ball.
Additional time
1 minute compensates the judge.
Carroll! When he finally score? Adam was famously left wing lodged at the far post but Andrew was not able to smuggle the ball into the goal. That's a bar, then a leg-keeper prevented this.
At the end of half a little revived players "Wolves." It is true we can recall only one hit Kaytli, but the owners are not going to lay down their arms.
Spearing in a difficult situation could neutralize the chamber Jarvis from the left flank and move the ball to the corner.
Here is the answer, "Wolves"! Suddenly! Powerful rally from the penalty Kaytli punched in a corner of the goal of Reina, but the Spanish goalkeeper parried the ball confidently.
Kate now until the end ran the ball, the last effort was able to apply the penalty, executing literally starting to jump, but Carroll was unable to use it, it jumped at least a tall defender owners.
Where a goal? Courage players to "Liverpool" had another counterattack. Adam raised his hand to strike, but he gave on the flank of Bellamy, who in touching the bottom hit in the near corner, but again Hennessey is irresistible.
Cool hit out at the Welshman, but the jump Hennessey was no less good. goalkeeper "Wolves" could not only reflect the impact, but surely fixed the ball in his hands.
Penalty earns all the same Adam. Meters to the gate 27, the ball Bellamy.
Penalties now! Why did not the referee whistles!? Shot down in the penalty incident after the transfer of Adam Bellamy from the flank!
Kate is good today, too slow in all respects Carroll. Now would be "skauzeram" did not prevent the suspended Suarez, he would attach attack speed!
Kath decided to break myself from outside the penalty area after a rally discount Carroll, but the ball flew over the far nine of the gate, "Wolverhampton".
Kate is very thin right now to give Carroll! But the tall Englishman started on that program too late. Dalglish even applauded the brilliant Dutchman grazing.
Sam Kaytli punches after the filing of a corner, the ball dangerously hanging in the air before the gates of the Rhine, and then fell on top of the net gate Reina. bad blow came in the seventh number "Wolves."
Kaytli corner on the right flank earns. Henry could not take away the ball from midfield English masters.
Frimpong diagonal Paz ran on the flank of Jarvis, but this time, Johnson has played with confidence, having thrown off the ball head Rhine.
Falls right flank protection for "Liverpool" and not for the first time! Jarvis is now entered into the penalty area from that flank, but do a good chamber into the penalty area he could not.
Jarvis filed in the penalty area, but nothing significant happened. Continue to attack the "wolves."
Yellow card
He earns a penalty on half of the field rival Foley. Has violated the rules against him on the flank of Bellamy. Yellow card for a Welshman.
Adam decided to try to break through from outside the penalty area, but the blow came out very weak and inaccurate.
Fervently in the box "Wolves"! Two consecutive strike parried Hennessey! Initially, he described the impact Carroll's head after a corner, and after finishing moves from the penalty spot, Enrique.
Bellamy effectively took away the ball from an opponent in midfield, beautifully prokinul ball farther, went into the penalty area, but too long with lumbago. Corner for visitors.
Bellamy now boldly broke from 30 yards straight into the corner, but Hennessey saw the moment of impact, and could easily pick up the ball.
Bellamy had to open the scoring! Welshman himself jumped on himself with the goalkeeper but hit the corner he did not poulchilos. A goal kick for "Wolves".
Jose Enrique punched out of the defender from the left corner of the penalty area, but Hennessey confidently took the ball.
Another acute lumbago at Carroll in the penalty ends in nothing. Henderson bottom sweep to the ninth issue, but he was ahead of the defender.
Kate unwound opponent on the right flank and well hung sighted in the penalty for all of the same Carroll, but the goalkeeper, "Wolves" was released on time and picked up the ball.
Henry received a good pass on the left, approached from the penalty area and gave it to the center, but even prior to this tall Carroll transmission not reached.
Under the stands whistling "Liverpool" still continues to organize a measured positional attack.
Excellent point! Edwards tinker ball off the line goalie area after the transfer of a partner with the center, but he struck exactly in the Rhine. first chances to score in the match.
Yellow card
Excellent counterattack could be obtained from "Wolves"! Broke into a free zone, Jarvis, but his shot down from behind Adam. Yellow card for a dangerous disruption attack him.
Repeat episodes with Johnson shows that the referee took a fairly arbitrary decision. Defender of "Liverpool" not fall on its own initiative, it is clearly shot down. But the question is whether this penalty foul, the referee decided in favor of the hosts.
Fletcher was able to catch the ball on another side of the field after a long overhang from the bottom, but nothing serious is not the end. The ball is intercepted by the guests, they start another attack.
The first attempt to shoot the ball into the box from the left flank of Jarvis failed, too strong a canopy.
"Liverpool" as a favorite game does not force events. Merseseydtsy calmly rolled the ball into center field, looking for holes in the defense of the opponent.
Johnson falls in front of the penalty area but the referee did not whistle. The Englishman went boldly through the center for two rivals, but he was not allowed to pass.
Trying to organize a response onset of the owners. but nothing happens. Reina once again begins to attack his team.
Danger! The ball flew into the gate, even the owners of Keith's feet, but after the whistle. Before it was a violation of the rules of the Dutchman.
Footballers "Liverpool" on the left, judging from the television picture. That visit and spent the first attack of the match. Johnson held the right flank but his pass to stop the defender.
First time has began
The match started!
First Half
Good night, all fans of English football! Today, the stadium, "Molyneux" local "Wolverhampton" will "Liverpool"! This match will be for you to comment on Gromov Nikita, enjoy!

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